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  1. Hi, I just got a dunning letter from Hugh Shafritz on a $5000 debt. He is offering to settle for $1000 or take payments on the $5000 (how thoughtful) This guy called he a few months ago and left a meesage to call him long distance at my expense. He just sent a letter now without the mini-miranda. (I did not keep a recording or record of the phone call, it was before I found this site) I have read this guy is a real bottom feeder and likes to file on time-barred debts in small claims court. I am about to send him a DV letter but I am going to guess he will try to say I did not sent it within
  2. After some careful reading I have made several updates to my upcomming 3rd DV letter
  3. I think that makes 3 violations. I am a little unclear if I can sue them for $1000 each or a $1000 for all or $1000 federal and $1000 for state (Florida) I have composed another letter for them. Any thoughts on how to make it better or if it will work?
  4. I got the same impression. This letter is from Asset and on Assets letterhead. They just changed the person that is handling the file. I am wondering if they feel they validated OR if the new Asset Colector did not see I was disputing it. My last letter to them was very clear that I disputed the debt. (see above). Think I should DV again either way?
  5. I got a new letter from Asset Acceptance. It would appear I have been moved to a new "Debt Collector" (new contact name) . I am guessing this letter would be a clear violation of FDCPA 809b. I am not 100% of the best course to take. (I have done a timely DV) Do I do an ITS letter? Another DV?
  6. I fixed that and changed my exit to "Sincerly". I figured it probably did not make sense to say "looking forward to hearing from you" if I never want to hear from them again.
  7. I have been reading the boards and have came up with this. Please tell me if I am right or wrong I have 7 weeks left before SOL. They probably do not have the OC paperwork. Would they sue to buy time to get the OC paperwork? If I asked for the OC paperwork now in my followup letter would it then be a violation of the FDCPA if they sued before providing me OC paperwork? (continued collect without validating) What is "sewer service"?
  8. Hi, Thanks in advance for any assistance you may have. I recieved a dunning letter with the mini-meranda from Asset Aceptance and replyed with a DV letter that requested the following: What the money you say I owe is for; Explain and show how you calculated what you say I owe; Provide copies of papers that show I agreed to pay what you say I owe; Identify the original creditor; Prove the SOL has not expired on this account; Show me you are licensed to collect in my state Provide me with your license numbers and registered agent (The stadard DV letter from this site) They replyed with
  9. Hi, I received a dunning letter from "Bureau of Collection Recovery, Inc." for a 10 year old wireless phone bill of $140. This bill was contested by me and dropped by ATT 10 years ago. What makes this letter different is it is dated 2/25/04 and post marked by their mail thingy 2/28/04. It would seem like I found a 2 year old letter except the postage is 29.2 cents. That is correct postage for today (first class presort), it was a few cents cheaper a few years ago. I am not sure what to do with it. It has the mini miranda -- Should I send a DV letter and hope the violate a whole bunch or just