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  1. ok perhaps i didnt word that the way i wanted to.. to clarify my question if they(ca) in fact do NOT verify with me afer this 2nd letter i send them, are they in violation if the cra comes back "verified" after the initial 1-2 punch?????? .... -sent letter to ca -got green card -disputed with cra -received dumb letter from ca -they fail to validate with me and cra dispute comes back "verified" -violation!!!!!!???????????? i hope this makes sense, does the second letter i send them (essentially telling them they are idiots) give them a extension of time????
  2. ok thanx for response, i would have never even realized that....now the 30 days to respond still applies from the time i received the card correct??should i remind them of that??!! thanks angel.!!....
  3. i sent a dv letter to a ca (credit collection services) using a sample letter from here that i tweaked. I received a response stating.............. "in order for us to take further action, we must have from you the information required under 623(a)(8)(D). Specificially, identify the specific information that is being disputed, explain the basis for the dispute and include all supporting documentation to substantiate the basis of the dispute. Pending receipt of this information, we have advised the credit bureaus to whom we report that this account is disputed".... What the?? I gave them the account # supplied on my credit report and asked for validation.......is this a stall, do i have to provide more info to them, because I know that it is up to them to validate not me! ?????
  4. Please tell me I can dv collection agencies even though they are not actively sending me letters/calling me for payment...what is the "timeframe 30 days" i have seen...i hope this is not the case, because I have dv'd some that are not trying to collect...
  5. thanx willing, ill get a grip on this sooner or later, thanx for advise.......
  6. they charged it off with 2 payments to go because the loan expired, according to them.....otherwise they would have waited the 180 days she said..but i really need to know if they are reporting inaccurate info because it is indeed paid, but my reports are showing paid collections/chargeoff and it show an amount ot over $500....but it is indeed paid.....
  7. yes its OC. I paid the last 2 car payments 2 days past the time the loan "expired" so they charged it off....however my reports still show $588.00 charge off, if i paid it it should show paid collection or something else...how can they report $588.00 chargeoff on my credit still, when it in fact is paid......???
  8. OK willing/dive, All three of my reports show that my account is paid chargeoff of $588.00...When I called they told me that the account was paid and i even have a confirmation # of the last payment as well as a $2.00 check for overpayment. Is this a violation????????? Arent they reporting inaccurate info?? Please respond, as this is one of the worst baddies I have and woud love to nail these jerks........ skip
  9. i am ready to dv all of the ca's reporting on my credit. Just need one more clarification please. In Dive's repair primer he states that when i dv if they dont validate with me and IF they still report, it is a violation, since i disputed it with the cra as well. What i would like clarification on is this...How do I know for sure that they reported after I sent the dv? A lot of my accounts still show "consumer disputes"from my first go around with cra ???
  10. Anybody heard of a loan expiring??? I called the OC about my old car loan(closed and paid) that shows charge off. The Lady there stated that I missed the payment by 2 days and that they charged it off the day the loan expired...... What the heck? And she made it very clear that they (ameicredit) do not reverse charge off's. Outside of a DV Prayer, Anybody had any luck with them??
  11. I think its a great idea, at least to list the basic, most common ones..may help in the learning process, i know it would for me..And with all the "Senior members" and "very knowledgeable ones" here, could be very informative to us new people.....
  12. skip73


    nevermind i see the answer right in front of me..please delete this thread...skip
  13. darn, thought i was gonna get em that way....thanks willing and dive
  14. ok now that i know that they charged off prior to the 180 day mark after my last normal payment, what is the best thing to do? dv the oc and tell them they violated and they must show the account paid in full and remove any neg remarks from all of the cra's with the exception of lates?? dive??
  15. skip73


    this article is very informative... http://www.creditinfocenter.com/repair/MethodOfVerification.shtml ... however does this apply to OC's that have sent the accounts to a ca..?? for example: step 1. dispute an entry by a cra. step 2. cra verifies step 3. call/write cra and ask for mov step 4. chances are they will not have called etc.... step 5. call OC and find out they dont have the info etc... step 6. call the cra back giving them the particulars (who talked to, no info..) and open new investigation... step 7. cant verify..deletion as an example does this make sense and is it accurate?
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