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  1. TY. We got no notice of being sued, just a letter that they were filing a 2nd mortgage. Does anyone have any idea where to research the state law's regarding my question?
  2. We bought a water treatment system, only my husband signed for the contract. We got behind on the payments and now they have attached a second mortgage. How can they do that with both of us on the 1st mortgage and me not signing on what was attached as a 2nd mortgage?
  3. I have several CAs that I DV'd with CMRRR and received no response. I sent a copy of the letter sent to all CAs and a copy of the cards telling the CRA that I could not get validation from the CA, yet they were reporting that they were able to verify and asked the CRA for validation. I've received two responses from two different CRAs and they both say basically the same thing. They say that they send the information they have to the CA and the CA just verifies that the information the CRA has are the same. I don't see how either are validating anything. What should I do next?
  4. I'm having the same trouble. Then even sent me validation of the debt and it is scheduled to fall of next year.
  5. I sent the same validation letter request as on the internet the first go around, then I sent my own wording. I sent copies of everything to credit bureaus too and I'll I've gotten from them is the standard letter form telling me if I believe anything is inaccurate or incorrect then to notify them so they could investigage. That was my wording when I sent the information to the bureaus and copies of everything.
  6. I have DV'd my collection agencies on my reports and nobody is responding except for one company, which was all doctor bills. I sent copies of the letter used and the green card and receipts the post office gives you when you mail a CMRRR. I got a response back from one of the bureaus that one of the accounts I'm getting no response from "verified" the account. I know to send a letter questioning how it was "verified", especially when I can't get them to "validate" for me. On one account I even sent the same copies to the State Attorney General and all I got back was a copy of the FDCPA ru
  7. Interesting website. I put my name in for both Alabama and Florida and it only found two addresses, neither of which are anywhere near being current.
  8. Yes, I told them only to contact me via mail. I used the same letter that is posted here. What constitues a "limited C&D"?
  9. I think Capital One is full of crap and want us to go away as much of not more than we want them to go away I got notice from paypal's alert thing that Capital One increased by past due balance by $16 on one report and by $15 on another. How could that be? It may only be a $1 but it doesn't seem correct. The account has been in C/O forever. When I started sending DV's I sent one to Capital One. I referred to the account number they had on the credit report, just as they reported. I got a letter the other day saying they needed the last four digits of the account number, how do I know that? Th
  10. I got a call from a collection agency yesterday morning. They asked for me and I just told the lady the person they were asking for, "me", was not there. I heard the lady typing in the bankground. I looked up the phone number they called from in and it only tells me that it is a landline in Ohio. I have an unlisted number and every DV letter I've sent, which also includes C&D never listed my phone number, just an address for correspondence. The only letter that I've every sent with my phone number on it has been when I sent complaints to the credit bureaus. Was I wr
  11. I thought I read somewhere that the CA has 90 days to report the date of first major delinquency to the big 3. Did I misunderstand? Wouldn't this play a part in showing re-aging?
  12. What if a company is not registered in your state or their state with the BBB? What do you do? Alabama's Attorney General does not assist the general public either so I can't go that way. The CA is going to be aware they are not a member of the BBB so threatening them that way is not going to do any good.
  13. According to the State of Alabama Attorney General's page it states they are prohibited by law from giving private citizens legal advise, representation or opinions (Code of Alabama, 1975, Title 35, Chapter 15). How am I suppose to make a complaint then? They only serve as legal counsel for state agencies, departments and officers. I don't want advice I just want to file a complaint against a few collection agencies that are failing to validate supposed debts. Do I just not know what I am looking for here?