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  1. A nice chart, with side by side comparisons / ratings, pricing. offers. etc, of different credit report sites ..
  2. Thanks for the reply Chilton1 I'll check out that scorewatch program. I'm thinking of going to a different program to check my scores with. NOT that the one I have now is bad or anything. I JUST FIND IT HARD to believe the FIRST ONE I CHOOSE is the " BEST ONE" or best BANG for the BUCK so to speak.. shop around they say. I have been but nothing is really jumping out at me yet.. Frank
  3. So the old FACO scores Vs. the FICO scores. and Apples and Oranges thing.. Ok. well there BOTH Fruits.. it's not like an Apple and a Potato's . . But.. is there ANY rule of thumb with these scores? ?eg.. your 8FACO scores are ALWAYS higher or Lower than your FICO scores? and by how much? .. eg.. if FACO score for TU is 599 and where would you FICO more than likely be? in the 600+ or lower than 599 ? and is there say a 10 point or 20 point diff in these? Thanks BTW.. added ASPEN CC .300.00 since May. and AVG credit score up 25 Points. Frank
  4. I just spoke with someone yesterday who informed me that even thou this account was marked as settled and there still reporting for the next 7 years and the account is set as OPEN for the sears account which is CLOSED. that I SHOULD NOT try to get it changed to CLOSED.. because of the age of the bill etc. changing it to CLOSED would have a neg. impact on my credit score?? and because it is marked as OPEN without late payments etc.. showing the past 3 years, that is better on my credit score / report? is this true??
  5. My med bills are with a what I assume to be a CA they have a bunch of them. I'm under the impression I DV them?/ OR.. should I send them a 'nice guy' letter stating tha all of these med bills you have here should have been paid by my insurance? please send me copy's of the bills to compare against my insurance company ?? I'm just afraid if I DV them I won't make 'friends' with them enough to possibly when all is said and done. say LOOK. total them all up.. now. lets knock off 1/3 .. and How's about I pay that much to settle them all out??
  6. Well that's interesting!! .. there a JDB.. I guess I could give em crap for posting it as OPEN?? but I'd be more interested in finding a way to force them to stop being arses or removing it all together. or sueing the bastids. for violation of reporting it as OPEN instead of CLOSED.. but once I mention it to them, they'll probably just CLOSE IT. and still keep reporting. so again sounds Mute I think?? ..
  7. Yeah .. I did.. and I understand it too .. However it doesn't really cover the violation part of it. and how to handle that? I guess I'll just let that part slide. and follow the flow chart end of it.
  8. Okay I so tried to read the FCRA. talk about OVERWHELMING.. wow.. I was able to grasp quite a bit of it, but quite a bit of it was like LATIN or something. . i had NO CLUE on it.. I guess I'm stuck on what to do? a DL letter to LVNV ? or contact CRA and tell them the account is NOT OPEN but CLOSED?? or Contact BOTH the CA and the CRA at the same time? and or to contact SEARS first to find out when the account went into collections? because it was paid off in 03.. but had been in collection before that? or at least in Delequency for a few years.. .
  9. I'm sure in some other ENGLISH Language that all makes sense LOL. I'll have to research and find out what DOFD and PO and FACTA are all about. But IF i'm hearing you correctly.. Your saying that the 7 years actually started when the OC first said HEY YOU GOT LATE PAYMENTS PAY US? or the last time I gave them MONEY? I think my wife wanted to keep the card and made a deal with Sears . a few times and made one or two payments but was always behind, and then stopped paying all together, and it eventually went to these pricks. so yeah 3 years IS NOT accurate. that is when we refinanced and HAD TO pay it off. it was on there for a few years prior to that for sure.. So I guess I need to ask SEARS?? when was the last time we made a payment? NOT that they'll have any of that information? NOR will the CA. I doubt.. I know we DON'T have the account number anymore?? SO I guess I might sighhh. I dunno? DV the Pricks?? who will just come back and say they need more info? like account# etc. which I don't have?? I dunno? this one sounds way over my head? But I'll plug away at it a little at a time till I'm comfortable with doing something with it? I can handle contacting CRA and saying why does this say OPEn and not CLOSED??
  10. I understand what your saying doc.. I guess what I'm not understanding is the out come.. I mean all I can do is ay to the CRA hey is is a CLOSED account not OPEN. and they will fix it. problem solved. I guess? it doesn't do me any good either way, because the pricks are still reporting on it every month till the 7 years are up. ONLY way i'd get anything out of it I guess is if they DIDN"T Mark it as closed?? I mean there NOT going to remove it from my record (CRA's) i don't think? just because of that? and if they did. the CA will just report next month and it's back on again. Sounds like a waste of work on it? least to me it sounds that way? I dont see how OPEN or CLOSED will effect my FICO score?? if that's the case then sure i'll tell em to CLOSE IT
  11. That's another inaccuracy you can use if disputing as 'not mine' doesn't work. The TL should reflect the account as 'closed.'Yeah it DEFINATLY says OPEN .. yet says PAID OFF. so I dunno? I mean its an innacuracy. but how would that go about getting it closed? or taken off? bESIDEs it sounds to me like they'd just REPORT it again the next month to the CRA like they've been doing? or again am I missing something here?
  12. They are the SAME ONES that we had.. same company I DON"T know if they are working on SEARS behalf? or if Sears sold it to them? i know it was for over 10k? I settled for I think half? 5k or so . But they are jerks.. they keep reporting even thou it's been paid off. they keep reporting on my credit report and probably will till the 7 years is up. sighh. DON"T let them get you down. FIGHT THOSE BASTIDS. ask questions here. . it seems to me they are breaking LAWS if you sent a DV and they didn't stop calling / harrasing you for payment. the law is VERY CLEAR on that. just have records of when you sent your letters. and when they called or sent you information. and PLEASE KEEP us updated!!!
  13. Yeah .. I hear ya. this one was paid off in 2003 .. yet it says the account is OPEN ?? that confuses me? or does it always say that if they report it? like that? the others say things like REV or MGT and another on says OPEN or INSTR? . I guess when I learn how to do TL's and am comfortable with them I'll see if i can do something with it than.
  14. I understand they stay there. I just think there being dinks about it. by keeping it updated for the next 7 years.. it's been 3 years and they keep Updating it after I paid it off.. darn bastids LOL oh well
  15. Hey DocDon.. I can do that I guess. But it sounds to me like it doesn't matter if they SOLD it or were REPESENTING Sears.. they still have a right to be an arse and report it for 7 years anyways.. so sounds kind of mute to me .. ?? Unless I'm missing something here?