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  1. The good news is, we do already have the down payment. It won't take us too long to improve our credit by enough to make the effort worth it, so we're in no rush. Nice to see you, Methuss!
  2. hinky

    Mega Post Whores

    *whoring whoring whoring whoring whoring*
  3. hinky

    Back again

    Hello, there! I hope to get back on more, but it's difficult. I have a 6-month-old now. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. She's awesome.
  4. The whole credit system is stupid, IMO. But I gotta play the game if I want my own home.
  5. hinky

    Back again

    Hey, people! I'm back! After a lay-off and a horrible car accident that finally just settled after 2.5 years, hubby and I have money for a down-payment on a house. Now we have to chip away at student loans and get our scores up. Just wanted to say hello! I hope to meet some new people and see some posters I recognize from a few years ago.
  6. LOL... Denita, you made me laugh. *Ding-Dong!* "Welcome to Househunters!" (I am addicted to HGTV)
  7. 1.37 here And dropping almost daily. Sometimes it drops mid-day, even.
  8. No more lending for bf and me. He lent his "good friend" $400-$450 once and then when he needed help, the best she and her fiance could do at the time was buy an Xbox from him for $70. He gave up on ever expecting it back. This same person called to vent to him about her custody situation. She never asked "So how are you?" - and this was the first time she'd spoken to him when he was laid up in the hospital after his accident. And she wonders why she doesn't feel like she has any "real" friends.
  9. This about sums up my feelings. No bailout is going to keep as many cars selling the way that they were before. And based on my experiences, my Hondas and Toyotas were/are much more dependable, and held up 200% better cosmetically, too.
  10. hinky

    Caught a thief

    WOW - good job on getting that camera! And ditto, cute shop!
  11. I have taken a break, as well. My bf was hit by a car (he was a pedestrian - OUCH). I had to take up a 2nd job to pay the bills, as he was out of work for six weeks, and the less important "credit" bills had to take a back seat for a while. So now I have some Late Pays but I just caught myself up, finally. I have 2 baddies left, and I hope to PFD one since it's not that much. The other is really old and is due to fall off by March. My cards have zero balances - except the one I just caught up - so I think my scores will bounce back in a few months. Sigh... the good news is that bf will see a settlement in a year, give or take, and we hope to be able to buy a fixer house without needing credit. Then we can have our wedding, and move on from this mess. It's crazy what a medical emergency can do to bring chaos into your life! Thank goodness we don't have a lot of debt, or we'd have REALLY been screwed. Hang in there; it takes time, but not too much time. It will get better!
  12. Seems to me that it should be illegal for CA's 1, 2, and 3 to keep selling this crap to new CA's! But it makes for a delightful chain of events. That's hilarious. Keep us posted! ps: LOL @ "ask for George"
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