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  1. Today I recieved something totally unexpected. A certified letter informing me of a Motion for dismissal without prejudice from a plaintiff which received a Summary Judgement from me exactly two years ago (give or take a few days). I made several posts on this site concerning this and received great advice.

    They received the judgement in June 2006, because of mistakes on my part and I was resigned to the fact that I owed them the money and when circumstances were right, I would try to pay up. There was minimal contact from them after this, I was never actually given an actual amount.

    But today I receive this motion and was floored. It said that they "no longer wish to pursue its claims in this matter." Not that I'm complaining, but why would they do this? They had the judgment, though they couldn't do much with it because I live in Texas, but what would make them just drop it? Kind heart?:roll:

    Is there I should expect because of this? The account hit the SOL in 2006 before the judgment, so I don't think they can bring it up again.

  2. you may be exempt from the taxation if you were insolvent immediately preceding the settlement that resulted in the forgiveness of debt. Insolvent is liabilities in excess of assets.

    I have read about this, but consider. I could have been considered insolvent before this debt was settled. I paid them off in March 2006, but the 1099 they sent me they dated it as being settled March 2007. So I would either have to contact the creditor and convince them to change the date on the 1099, but wouldn't that penalize me with whatever fines the IRS has because I didn't file this last year? Probably just easier to let it go and pay the income.

  3. Not certain, but I don't believe they included the fees etc in the amount. Ofcoarse the only thing I have to go by is the amount they put in the original suit against me. It is higher than what they included on the 1099. This was before I had any information on validation, so my actual numbers are fuzzy. At least its all over and done.

  4. I settled with a CA for less than the full amount. If the remaining amount is greater than $600, the CA files the 1099c for that amount. The govt, unfortunately, views that as income and you are taxed on it. Don't believe there is any around it. I think this is the same as if you had lotto or gambling winnings. But I could be wrong.

    Thanks Robert. They have it dated as occuring in 2007, so I guess it would apply to the return I just filed.

  5. Not sure if this is the correct section to post this, so here goes. I filed my 2007 tax return last week electronically and today I received a 1099C form from a creditor I settled with in 2006. I know that I have to report this as income, but do I need to somehow add it to the 2007 return I just sent off or can I save it until next year? I'm due a refund, if the IRS has record of this form, can they just take it out of my refund or do they add penalities.

    I've scanned through several posts from others and know that I probably should just call the IRS themselves, but I thought I'd see what you guys had to say about it here.

  6. Have you guys all been canceled from TC ? Is that why you're going to CIP? Cuz I haven't been cancelled form TC, but was proactive and cancelled them on my terms, then signed up for CIP. Should I be expecting the email? LOL I only pull a few times a week

    I was also proactive and cancelled before my September renewal then TC canceled me days after I cancelled. Pulls were random, maybe 3 or 4 a week. After all that is what I paid for. Only 1 inquiry, not enough to worry about.

    It's my credit. I read the small print. I've been informed (here) about split files. If I want to see what is going on, it should be my right. If so much didn't rely on what is on your cr, then I wouldn't care. In my opinion, if TU is having a problem with inquiries falling off, then fix the problem.

  7. New to this part of the forum, so here goes. I check my credit card statements online religiously. On sat, I noticed that my available credit on my MC was off. Nothing unusual was showing on the unbilled activity so I called the Customer service to see whats up. They said that they had a charge for about $350 from a website vendor I had never heard of. I immediately told her it wasn't mine and we closed the account and they issued me another cc#.

    Here is where my question comes in. They said that to get the charge off my card, I have to send a notarized afadavit along with my statement with the charge circles in to their fraud dept. It will fall on my next billing period, so I will not receive my statement until the end of next month. They claim they can't send me anything sooner. My question is, Isn't that a long time to wait? I would think the sooner they get the information, the easier to catch the person who is using my account number. I asked if I needed to file a police report and they said no. This didn't sound right to me.

    Is there anything else I should to because of this..ie...close other accounts? I monitor my CR and there isn't anything fishy there, so I only think my Acct# got out somehow.

    If I'm being naive, please let me know. Thanks.

  8. I wish you luck. I'm hoping that this is actually a software problem and nothing else. I mentioned that I paid for this service and have received alerts which I can't check. I was surprised that my new password worked. I think I'll back on the refreshing the report daily and only do so when I get an alert. At least for a while. I only have 1 TU inquiry and think I only need only a few more pulls to b* it off, but I don't think it will make any difference to my score.

    I have already logged on today and it worked again. Keeping my fingers crossed that this isn't a temporary situation.

    As far as what to expect. Definately expect someone with a strong accent. I think the guy I talked to was getting irritated with me having him repeat things.

  9. Anyone else having problems signing in? Yesterday and today I got this message: Unfortunately, the Web site has encountered a temporary issue with your request. We apologize for the inconvenience..

    • Please try your request again in a few minutes. If you continue to experience the same issue, please contact the customer service for assistance.

    Hopefully its just a glitch. Unfortunately I dont have the time to sit on the phone and talk to customer service.

  10. I just got the "cancellation" letter in my email followed by an email wanting to know why I didn't renew. My membership ran out yesterday, but transfered to Chase before that.

    My sign on name on TC was different than what it is here, so I think they just dropped me because of the daily pulls.

    Oh well. Change is sometimes good. I'm already seeing quicker alerts with Chase.

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