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  1. I just got that card a month ago and love it. Their site gives you your FICO score and undates it. I think its from the bureau they pulled to approve you. Mine was TU. Also note that they allow you to opt out of the arbitration agreement. Just follow the instructions in small print and mail them a letter in the time specified. Congrats...again.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up. My TC account was set to renew tomorrow. Luckily I caught this post and signed up for the other before they could either charge my card or cancel me. Gotta love the info found here.
  3. I just opened a new Citibank checking account and applied for the overdraft protection. They had to run a credit check for this. Does anyone know what type of info on a credit report they look at. Would this sort of application face the same criterias a credit card account would face?
  4. Just got it..... Yep meant EQ. I'm always getting the two mixed up.
  5. Thanks, don't intend to sue. We are thinking this account has hit the SOL, so we'll just leave it alone.
  6. I got my parents to send a validation request to Pioneer and this is what they received... I'm guessing they won't find anything. Would it be crazy to try to get the $450 my parents paid them or should they just leave it alone and be more careful next time.?
  7. I'm starting my third month and I guess patience is the key.
  8. Do they typically "bump" off one at a time or several at once?
  9. File it with the court and have them stamp a copy for your records and one to send to the plaintiff. You just need to file with the court in the appropriate time frame. If you want to settle, do it after the answer is filed or they will get a summary judgment and the amount will be much higher because of their legal fees, so if possible come up with a settlment amount before they can get a judgment.
  10. I had only 1 inquiry with EX but wanted to give this method a try. Because I live in CSC territory, I entered a non CSC zip, but affraid to make up an address or enter a relatives address, I put in my actual Tx address and zip to see what would happen. Let me tell you that I checked this morning and it is gone. About 2 days later. My score went up about 10 points because of this. Thanks.
  11. Congrats....You've given some great advice here, its good to know that you were hit with some good karma yourself. Sounds like your hard work has paid off.
  12. Congrats..... . Great news with actually getting somewhere with an actual person on the phone.
  13. I got a similar offer and on the back in small print it says. "This account may not be available to you if you already have a credit card account with Barclays..." Since you have the Sea Miles, they may not have wanted to give you the Juniper. I'm in the same boat. I have the Nat. Parks card and noticed the small print after applying for the Juniper also. I'm still in the 10 day window, but I don't expect to get it either. Just an observation.
  14. I should know this, but I read on another post somewhere here that a partial payment doesn't necessarily restart the SOL clock in Texas. It's the first I've heard of this. Is this correct? I got my father to write Pioneer requesting validation on the account. Ofcoarse he has none of his paperwork from this account. Would it be good for him to contact the OC, through a letter and ask for a record of his account which is in collections. The OC is Sears. I'm not sure how they would handle such a request. Any thoughts?
  15. Its your report. I'd assume that you could remove it.
  16. Seems I found the magic word to search info on this topic. I did find some posts to give me some info. Any other insites are always appreciated. Just FYI. The only reason I want this name off the report is because I have on one tradeline associated with it and it is a CO. Just wanting to get this link off before I try the dispute process.
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