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  1. I am trying to get references to my maiden name off my report. I did a dispute with Transunion as the name being obsolete and they removed it easily. I'm working with experian. I sent them a letter requesting its removal, but they didn't remove it. I looked at their online dispute section and It let me dispute it that way, but they have me check off "never known by this name", which would be false. Has anyone else had any luck removing old names? Would it hurt my to lie about ever being known by my maiden name? Thanks.
  2. i know that I should know the answer to this question, but I'm passing this on to my parents and I want to make sure that I'm correct with my information. While visiting them I see a collection letter from Pioneer that is collecting for Sears on my parents table. I ask about it and it appears that my father agreed to let them do an automatic draft for $150 for three months from his account. The third payment will be this month. I told them that they should never give their acct number out, but it is too late. They claim that Pioneer wouldn't take a money order. Anyway. I told them not to talk to them anymore and to seek validation. I was going to help them with a letter. I know that unfortunately the SOL resets, but there is nothing to do about that. I suggested that they open another account, but I don't think they will go to another bank. Is there really a threat of them pulling more out than they were authorized? I know that in Texas there is no deadline for requesting validation, so is this still true after a payment is made? I thought I would get them to try to get validation, then settle if possible. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  3. No clue. It was one I got my first year in college. I do know that it originally was a Visa and now is a Mastercard. I wasn't expecting it. I got a pre approval through the mail and thought WTH, I'll give it a shot. It has no AF and interest rate of 12%. My mortgage is through WAMU, but foreclosure was started (never completed) 4 years ago, so I didn't think it would work. I also just got a card through Juniper (National Parks) with a CL of $2000, but the Interest rate is around 16%. Maybe I should pull my FICOs just to see what they say. I've been working of trying to repair these last months to get a good auto loan. That accomplished, I thought I'd try to obtain a few more cards to better establish myself. Really didn't think I'd get any worth keeping. Now I'm just going to take my time and try to fix the rest of the baddies. I'm not rushed.
  4. They're FAKO. I thought the increase was worth a shot. Citi only does hard pulls (atleast thats what they told me) even through the website. The only reason I even tried is because I recently got the WAMU with $4000, and my discover, which I had as long as the citi and even had to get on a hardship program a couple of years ago, gave me a substancial increase as well as an interest rate drop. I'm not going to let the Cl bother me. I just thought they would have some appreciation for my being a good customer...silly me. My scores didn't look like that when I originally got the card.
  5. Finally called them today with no luck. They said they look at overall credit and there was no way around it. The funny thing is, they pulled EX. I looked at my report and they aren't even reporting this account on EX. I did point this out and they said they would fix this. They said I could wait a month and they could pull again, but the baddies they originally refused me for, will still be there. I let them know that WAMU just approved me for a $4000 limit, so my business will be with them. I'm not closing the account, only because of it's age, but it will be used very minimally. So much for customer appreciation. The only thing they did budge on was finally elimination my yearly membership fee and dropping my interest rate by .42% (Gee thanks).
  6. You guys have some great info to the whole satelite thing. I'm with cable now and haven't had any complaints yet, but because of their rising rates, I've been looking at changing. The bad thing is that where I live there is only one cable company who has some of contract with my county that no one else can come in and compete, so they are the only game in town and aren't always concerned with customer service etc... We have always stayed away from satelite mainly for the reasons everyone has mentioned in this post. I don't like long contracts and I've heard horror stories of those who have to disconnect early or, OMG, even have to move and transfer service. What would you say the best way of getting their service? Through local dealers, like the dreaded Best Buy, or is it better off going through the internet. I did try to talk to someone from an online link, so I was like talking to a cars salesman. They either didn't speak english or made me feel like they just wanted to get your business at any cost.
  7. So dispute it. Under what grounds? Start with not mine? It's listed as installment on all three reports.
  8. Is there a difference in scoring depending on where or what category an account is listed? This may be just with TrueCredit, but under the installment account category, I have a paid/CO amex listed. The other accounts are car loans and student loans. Shouldn't Amex be listed with the credit card accounts(not sure what those are called)? Does this even make a difference? Just a little observation while digging through my report and any input would be super. Thanks.
  9. I don't know about other cellular providers or if mine was just a fluke, but I defaulted on a Sprint account several years ago and have yet to see it on my report. I never called them either, but since I wasn't in the position to pay them off, I didn't see a reason. Are you wanting to settle?
  10. I tried GW letter and got a positive response a couple of months ago. I'm still waiting for them to be removed from my CR.. It doesn't hurt to try.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. I haven't had a late in the last 3 or 4 years and TrueCredit says under things to improve that my score is affected by recent lates. They told me to make my payments on time to avoid this.
  12. Cool beans. Sad thing is, I don't even know who they were supposedly collecting for.
  13. I was wondering if anyone out there could make since of the letter I got from NCO after I requested debt validation. I sent them a standard letter May 3 Certified. Today June 25 I got this back. Dear Txsquirrel: Thankyou for your inquiry regarding the above-referenced account. Please be advised that the above referenced account is on hold pending closure in our office. Further inquiry regarding the underlying debt may be directed to LVNV Funding LLC, 15 S Main St Ste 500, Greenville, SC 29601 According to our files, we have ot reorted the above referenced account to a credit bureau. Please be advised that NCO Fin. Systems, Inc, cannot effect a change to how any other company or entity may have listed the account on your credit profile. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry. Very Truly yours(????????) CoCo Dinglefritz Incoming Data Management Does it sound like they have no validation?
  14. TU isn't reporting lates on that tradeline. If only...
  15. I had 1 30 day late on a Macys tradeline on my CR. It is about three years old and the account has been paid in full and closed since then. i wrote them a goodwill letter to see if they would remove it (It is only reported as such on EX). I never heard back from them, but today I got an alert that they updated the account as accurate. If thats not bad enough, they added the late to EQ also. UGGG. This didn't really affect my score, I just didn't like seeing it there, but all they had to do is tell me no. Oh well. Guess I should feel honored that they even gave that whopping $150 CL.
  16. Just wanted to let evryone know that today I was able to get a car. I got it through Nissan credit at 2.9%. I've been working on my credit here so I was a little discouraged comparing scores. I think the only thing that did help me is that I have a great car buying history...no lates... and I bought my last 2 cars at the same dealership. I don't live in a big metropolotian area so the salesmen aren't so scarry. Thanks for the help. This site got me in touch with tons of info and websites which help with my research.
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