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  1. I wrote a goodwill letter a month and a half ago to Discover and received a letter back that they would remove the lates from my reports.

    previous post http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=266735

    My question...THese are still on my CR. Should I dispute and send a copy of letter to the credit agencies? Discover said that it should take up to 45 days to show up on my report. I thought about calling Discover, but since this is basically a favor, I didn't want to push the issue.

    If disputing is the answer, I already have some disputes I sent last week. Do I need to wait to send another concerning the lates?


  2. Hi all, I've been at this for about a month and have seen a little progress, but it seems that my TU score is going up every time I check, but nothing in the report seems to be changing. It has gone up about 35 points since the first of the month. The others have changed, but only a tad. Why do you think this is? The only thing that has happened is I got them to delete old name variations and one auth user CO.

  3. I'm so irritated with my Citi mastercard. I've had this account since 1992 and NEVER late. My limit is at 700. Not much. My balance has always been around that, but since my repair efforts, I've made several payments each month and now it is at 60. Even when we were having money problems which messed my credit, I still made my MC payments. They were minimum, but they were still made.

    Last week I requested a limit increase through the online site. I hate asking in person. I didn't call because I didn't want them to think that I wanted the increase so I could run out and use it up. So today I get a letter telling me that because of derrogatory information on my report they can't honor my request.

    Yeah my report is not super. They pulled Experian (my lowest 579). Doesn't history with a company make any difference in this type of situation? I am thinking of calling and asking a representative if they can help, but am discouraged. Is there anything they can do to raise the limit anyway? Is begging on my part effective?

  4. I got a letter last year from them and immediately DV'd. They didn't have anything and wrote back that they were no longer collecting for the account. Do a search on them here. I think the majority of posts say that they usually back down from any dv. I would definately tell them to remove the inquiry from your report as well as trying to dispute it with the Credit Agency.

  5. In 2001 was part of the emergercy responce for the 9/11 trade center attack

    Thanks for your service!!!

    We were lucky most times to even get an actual person on the phone. When we got a number to the loss mitigation dept., they never answered and their voice mail box was always full. When we sat down with a mortgage banker, he even got irritated with the incompetency they had. Unfortunately our credit bites right now, so refinancing is out of the question. But the second it is better, watch out, they will be replaced.

    Sad thing is that we had our mortgage originally with Homeside and they were super.

    I am not an expert on mortgage issues but I think a harmless vvveeeerrrryyy subtle threat to refi with another company may prompt some compliance.

    Thought about doing that, but I sure they know that they have me against the wall with the negative listings they gave us.

  6. Is there any kind of block to put on the reports that can keep them from being pulled without your permission?

    the inquiries (viewed by you) and the ones that I definately gave permission for, but the inquiriess (viewed by others) I didn't.

    Why don't they just lump them all together if everything is seen? I know, you can't explain why the bureaus do anything, but just curious.

    Midland is the devil, so watch out for them.

    Yes, yes they are. They are already on my radar.

  7. Just pulled my Experian report and am confused about the inquiries. They separate them into:

    -Requests viewed only by you (which I had 3, all I knew about)

    -Requests viewed only by others (which I had many. One being the dreaded Midland)

    What information do each get. Is the Requests viewed by others watered down. It said that they had permissable purpose what that would be, I don't know.

  8. Unfortunately still with WAMU. I would refi with someone else if I could. My rates aren't too bad, their cust service just soured me on them after the whole foreclosure thing....It started with me being consistantly 28 or 29 days late every month. I called them to see if there was a way to get back on track and they actually told me to skip a payment of two them contact them about a program. I did that (yeah wasn't too bright) and no one knew about any such program. Everything snowballed after that and they weren't help at all. I literally got notice that they would help us with a forebearance(if thats the term) the Friday before it went up on the block which was Monday.

    Besides the point. It was amazing how many creeps lurked around our home during this period. They were found in my backyard and peeking in our windows just hoping to snatch up a bargain. Good thing we have big scarry dogs

  9. Sure it would be worth it. And I've already tried the phone call route. That didn't get very far. I would think disputing with the CRA would be futile because I'm assuming that mortgage companies keep pretty good records and will be verified. I will probably try the letter (WTH). Any suggestions who to send it to? Which dept.?

    The last letter I sent out to my student loan org., the reply was that they "have a responsibility to report accurate information and any deviation would be illegal." I'm betting that I will get the same reply from wash mut. Is this a true statement?

  10. Three years ago I feel into both a little financial problems and bad information from my Mort co. (Wash mut). It resulted in my house falling in to foreclosure procedings. Fortunately I was able to pull my self out of it, but it left a gob of lates on my CR.

    Is it even worth the time and postage to try to get these fixed? Last year I did call Wash Mut to ask about the removal and they were no help.

    Has anyone had any success with doing this? I thought about a goodwill letter, but wouldn't know who to send the thing to. When I was going through the foreclosure, you wouldn't believe how many people I had to talk to that knew nothing about what was going on. I even had a mortgage banker call on my behalf and even he was confused.

    So is it worth it?

  11. I got a HD card two months ago. I didn't expect it with my scores(FAKO between 590-620). But I was approved with a $2000 Credit limit. I think that they are affiliated with Citibank. I have a Visa that I've had almost forever and my history is stellar with them, so I think they took that into consideration. Either way, the 0% interest was great and my windows look terrific.

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