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  1. When I asked for a credit line increase they pulled my credit report then turned me down. Also it showed up as a hard pull. I thinking that the best way to get it is to pay the card down first.
  2. Duh....I think I just answered my own question. Is it correct that your only getting the benefit of that one account not everything on the other's credit history. So if there is a baddie from an account that belongs to someone and you are an authorized user on that bad account, just write or call to remove yourself from the bad account?
  3. But do the bad ones hurt you and how do you know if they are lowering the score?
  4. I am an authorized user, not joint account holder, on some of my husband's credit accounts. His scores are much lower than mine. Is this something I should take into consideration when trying to repair my credit? If anything bad from him is effecting mine would that account show up on my report. Right now there is only one account that has showed up and I am disputing it. Should I be contacting his creditors and get myself removed?
  5. Mine fell behind in 2005 for a couple of months, mainly because of the late posting of online payments. The balance was close to the limit so I'm sure you all know how fast over limit fees and late fees pile up. Suddenly I was way behind. They put me on their hardship program and lowered the interest rate and payments and dropped some of the fees which seemed to help out. In the letter I basically thanked them for their help and pointed out how much I've brought the balance back down and for their understanding in me wanting to help my credit rating. I still owe on the account so I'm not worried about them deleting all of the record. The letter I received back was a sort of form letter with several options to check off. ....We have updated your CB file to reflect the following change to the above account. There were several options to choose from. The type of things that you would dispute with the credit agencies. Mine had "We have updated the credit file to reflect the account as having zero late payments." I got the address from another credit site. It was Discover Card Attn: Credit Bureau Desk PO Box 15316 Wilmington, DE 19850 I just wanted to give goodwill letters a shot before I tackle the 3 Bureaus. There are several others that I haven't heard from yet. Good Luck.
  6. I just wanted to let all know that my gw letter to discover managed to get them to remove two "30 day late" listings from my CR and mark it as zero late payments. I know that its nothing big, but it's a start. I guess it dosen't hurt to try. Of coarse my letter to AMEX didn't have the same results, but at least I tried. I haven't yet seen any effect on my report if any, but its still early. Thanksss for the great info..
  7. The account will be four years old in August or September. On the report it is listed as paid charge off. Unfortunately I can't locate any of my other invoices. I think I stashed them somewhere after it was paid. I do know that I didn't pay a collection agency when the account was late. I even think that it was only a couple of months late, then paid in full. But I don't have any paper work to prove it. I just thought I'd give the goodwill letter a shot. I know that they remember all and feel intimidated arguing anything with them. I'll try the Credit agency route and see what happens.
  8. So just keep trying with the Credit Agencies and skip trying to write letters Amex themselves. Thanks.
  9. I had an amex account about 4 years ago that went late. I paid it off and recently realized that it was reported as a paid charge off. I didn't remember it being that late, and unfortunately I no longer have any of the paperwork of statements to see how late I was. I thought it was only 2 months behind max. Anyway, I've recently decided to tackle repairing my credit and attempted to send a goodwill letter to see if they would remove the derogatory listing. I got my response from them this week and they don't seem to willing to change the listing. Is trying to bend them to help me out a lost cause? Anyone else have any luck dealing with them?
  10. This is my first dispute, so I'll send what I have. The items I'm disputing aren't huge, just a couple of lates and an account that I know isn't mine. I'm using this first one as a way to get my feet in the water. We'll see what happens with the ID. It probably just depends on who opens the envelope. Thanks
  11. This may be a crazy question. I have my dispute letters ready to send out to the credit agencies and am curious about the copy of ss card I've read to include. Will they accept my old card with my maiden name on it? I have one with my married name, but can't locate it. I really don't want to face the "wonderful" people at the SS office for a new one.
  12. How do you find the name or address for the CEO's?
  13. I have a student loan which I just paid off (yeah) with a couple of lates on my CR. What would be the best way to tackle them? I thought about just writing a good will letter and asking them to be removed, or should I just dispute with the agencies? Do the good will letters even work? I've had a good relationship with the student loan people, so I thought I would give it a shot. Is there any reason I shouldn't?
  14. Hi all. I'm new to this part of the forum and am slowly weeding my way through all the information in the posts. I am, as everyone else, going to attempt to repair my CR. I've read the "Good Credit is Sexy" book and found it informative and have also read the flow chart for repair on this website so here I go. Yesterday I pulled my credit report before I knew about the FAKO/FICO difference and find that I'm not a bad off as I thought. Not in great shape, but I think I can salvage my credit with patience. I'm currently paying down two major credit cards and just paid off my student loan, so I hoping that will help my numbers go up even a little bit. Okay, to the point. Basically my reports have only one collection agency on each (Midland), I have no idea for whom they were collecting for. The amounts are different on all three and on some the account is listed as "account in dispute". From what I've read, I should DV midland as well as write a dispute letter to each agency and wait. I also have three charge offs which I am assuming that I should tackle the same way. Do I also send a letter to the original creditor? One of the accounts is my husbands that he got before we even knew each other and somehow it ended up on my report. Also, I read that I should remove any old addresses and correct name variations. I this correct. The reason I ask is that my last name consists of two words. Two of the reports have it listed as one. Is this something I should be concerned with? Thanks for any help and I hope that I'm not repeating too much of what has already been asked. Scores now FAKO...yeah I still need to pull FICO EX: 647 EQ: 591 TU: 652
  15. I've been sued three times in a year time period. All three times by some big names and didn't fair so well. I've settled two, Hudson and Keyse before going to trial and Wolpoff and Abramson after judgement. The last was for only $1200. I've also gotten hit by Zwicker and Abram. hard. Their attorney and legal fees more than doubled what the suit was for. They were all about a year out from SOL. Good Luck on making it to February. Just wanted to let you know that they will even sue us Texans. Why I don't know.
  16. Make sure you definately answer the complaint. Search the board. It's all here. Also make sure you read everything they served you carefully. I was served last year and answered it. They attached admissions with the summons, which I missed and they got a default judgment. Also you have to literally pick apart the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. What court are they suing you in? Good Luck. In case you haven't seen the site..... http://www.supreme.courts.state.tx.us/rules/TRCP/RCP_all.pdf
  17. I'm sorry to stir this up and I certainly understand your devotion to your children. I am also a parent as I sure many are on this board. I would hope that my daughter would have the good since not to put me in that situation. I don't think that willingtocope is saying anything wrong. The child should take the responsibility and take the heat off of the mother. Any parent would find it hard to turn in their child, but it is irresponsible to let mom get the harrassment these guys dish out when she didn't know what was going on. I have a sibling who has taken advantage of my parents, and they let them get away with it and it does nothing for them but make them do it more. A little legal trouble for using mom's dredit would not only clear your mind of any guilt you may feel when she gets phone calls, but let her know that she raised a good child who can take the blame and rectify it. I'm sorry, but I don't think a judge will help out mom here. It would probably result in a judgment on your mom. They don't care about where the debts came from. If your mom won't turn you in for fraud, Turn yourself in (if possible) or find a way to pay off the debts. This is a situation that never should have happened and yes I think that MOM, no matter how hard it is, should turn the child in. I don't care how hard times get, we've all had them, but you don't steal from someone you love to get by. I'm not trying to offend, but this is just how I feel.
  18. I'm still learning this process myself, but I only think you have to give them what you plan to use for your defense. Yeah I had the same delimma about doing their work for them. I simply put as an answer for production, [font=Times New Roman][i]No determination has been made regarding trial exhibits. When that determination is made, this answer will be supplemented. [/i][/font] [font=Times New Roman][/font] [size=2]I'm not sure if thats the way to go, but they didn't seem to question it. Do your research on this site and through your states "Rules". Definately read your court rules and follow them to the letter. You don't want your case tossed out by a technicality.[/size]
  19. phone number...I didn't get that far with them, but I'll see what I can do when they call next.
  20. My husband keeps getting calls from an internet college claiming that he requested information from them. Assuming that it is a solicitator, I usually tell them that he isn't in and take a message. When they tell me who they are, I tell them that he wouldn't have contacted them about school and that he isn't interested. Thats when they get a little mean. They tell me that they can't take my word for it and if we want them to stop calling he would have to tell them himself. It just didn't sound right. We do occasionally get calls from collectors. Could this just be a way to get him on the phone? Anyone else heard of this situation? The school is an internet technical college out of Colorado.
  21. The non notarized items included everything I did. My answer to summons, admissions, interrogatories, and discovery requests. Basically, because I didn't get it stamped, I admitted guilt and defaulted the judgement. For requested documents, they only sent me a computerized printout of the account and the balance didn't match the amount that they were suing me for and they hand wrote all of their answers which I could only make out half of it. I think a clerk was supposed to type it up and never did. The judge couldn't take that into consideration. Would it be crazy to file the appeal then try to settle with the plaintiff? This was originally with the Justice of the Peace. An appeal, if I'm reading right, would put it in the County court.
  22. The lawyer for the plaintiff of my suit lives 200 miles away. I also hoped he wouldn't show. Unfortunately he got in touch with a lawyer in my town who showed up. I think it's some sort of outsourcing? This lawyer works for another firm here, but is on call for other firms for this sort of situation.
  23. It's frustrating isn't it. This is the second time I've had a suit against me. (two different creditors) The first time I lost by sj because I didn't sent the plaintiff a copy of my answer. The clerk told me that I didn't need to. The last time I listen to one of them. So this time I sent them every scrap I had so I wouldn't have this problem. The judge said because they turned their summons in as a sworn statement, I was supposed to do the same. My answer wasn't even able to be seen. It would be nice if the local court had something to let us non lawyer types to know these little loopholes so it won't be overlooked. I wouldn't have minded so much if she looked at my paperwork and gave them the verdict, I almost expected it, but this is irritating. I'm looking into the appeal though. The only thing that may be holding me back is the fact that from what I understand, If this doesn't work, i'll be stuck for more than double the amount. Can't afford that at this point. I may just have to suck it up and try to find a lawyer to atleast look at my stuff and take his suggestion. Thanks for the input.
  24. I showed up to court today and W&A had an attorney based locally show up for their side. The judge could see that I did my homework on the suit from all of the paperwork that I filed, but unfortunately none of it could be admisible because none of it was notarized. She could only look at what was notarized as a sworn statement. A small technicality I definately didn't expect. The plantiff's attorney knew nothing of the case. He said that he got a phone call on Thursday to see if he could show up today. The only thing he had with him was a book on Texas Civil Court Rules and the paper work they filed. The only (I guess you could say) bright point is that the judge let me know about the appeal option. She said that she couldn't guide me any direction as to what to do, but I could appeal. Through that route I could fix the mistakes(missing notarization). wink...wink...I think she was subtly giving me direction without actually crossing the line. The judge signed the judgement and I got a copy. It wasn't until I got home that I read the judgement order that she signed. It said "At the trial on this cause, Plaintiff appeared through attorney of record. Defendant did not appear." What??? I was there. The judge obviously didn't read before she signed. Does this void the whole hearing? Does anyone know what "attorney of record" mean? Is that some sort of substitution? Any suggestions or arguements as to why I shouldn't appeal. It doesn't sound as if I have anything to lose. I have 10 days to do this. I must admit that after all the stories that I've read about the judges looking on the defendant's of these kind of lawsuits had me scared. This judge didn't seem to biased, even the other attorney didn't seem judgmental.
  25. I'm finally getting my day in court Monday and you know, I'm not as freaked out as I should be. It's against W&A and I'm hoping that they just won't find my little case worth their time and not show up. I just wanted to tell everyone thankyou for your help, without it I would definately be a basket case tonight. I feel that what happens, happens. I've done all that I can do and as far as the suit goes, and atleast I feel informed and better educated as to the workings of this court system. Wish me luck...I'll update on what happens. link to past if curious: http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=258378
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