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  1. Does anyone have a current fax number for Asset Acceptance? I have about 20 and they are all bad. I know they change them frequently. Thanks in advance!
  2. You usually can view them for about 30 days online. Did you keep the experian and equifax credit report numbers? Do you have a login for transunion (either from before this or when you pulled the report)? If all else fails, apply for something you know you won't be able to get and you will be able to get a free report that way.
  3. BTO- These idiots and pretty easy to get rid of! I faxed them a letter stating that they had violated something (can't remember what). I attached my NY Attorney General Complaint since they are in trouble with the AG's office for their collection activity. I sent the fax 2-3 times on two different days and the collection was gone off my reports in about 4 days. I have the fax number if you can't find it online.
  4. The person in this letter is writing to a CA (colleciton agency). They are saying that the CA needs to stop trying to collect on the debt. They are then using this as leverage of sorts to get them to take the debt off of their credit reports. Now, the credit bureaus are allowed to report a debt for 7.5 years...UNLESS: 1) You dispute the debt and it is not validated by the CA and is therefore deleted 2) The CA contacts the credit bureau and tells them to remove the debt Does this make sense? I have always had much better luck going after the CA and getting them to take it off. Dispute first
  5. Thanks, Recovering Attorney! I actually went to a local mortgage company and their closing costs will be thousands less. She laughed when she saw the fees they were charging!
  6. Thanks, 2nd Time! This company states they are direct lenders, but apparently not so which SUCKS! I didn't realize this was just an estimate. Closing costs of $7100 would be spectacular! I just don't want to sign all of this and get to the closing table and still owe another $6000-$7000. I've heard of the loan origination fee, but what it the 1% Loan Discount Fee? I am going to my local bank tomorrow and see what they can do. If I can't find what I'm looking for there, I will definitely call Tom. The info is definitely appreciated!
  7. Ok, so I am under contract for a house and I was dealing with a mortgage company (who I thought was a direct lender). To give you some background, I am applying for an FHA loan and the home (with the 6% seller concessions) is about $142,000. I am in NY. I just received the packet that I have to fill out and send back. I am TOTALLY CONFUSED!!! The Good Faith Estimate is what is confusing me. There are charges on there which I am not sure are standard. I need to know if I should go elsewhere or not. Here they are (the ones I am really confused about I put a ? by): Loan Origingation Fee of 1%-
  8. That is a really good point! Lucky-Who is the CA? DV th CA You can make most of these CA's go away pretty quickly once you make them realize you aren't an easy mark (i.e. you aren't going to go away quietly and will cost them money). I've had a few CA's in my life hand the debt back to the OC because they don't want the headache! In my case, Target rightfully concluded it was fraud and sent me a letter stating that they were taking the debt back from the CA.
  9. Target keeps their debts and they use different CA's to try and collect. I just went through this with them for a fraudulent account. Contact the Dispute Resolutions Department at (800) 480-8236. They will send you a dispute packet. Once you send it in (if you choose to dispute it), they will give you your own Fraud Case Management Associate. I would send in the dispute. They are the OC and they need to prove that this belongs to you. Send it in even if you put that you are just disputing the debt amount within a dollar or two. This is because then they will assign you a person who ac
  10. Many people used to email NCO (Mike Barrist and Lisa Signore) with great success. Has it worked for any of you lately?
  11. CBE- Be careful and find out what you can. I know in NC a house can be foreclosed upon if the owner doesn't pay their HOA fees. (this happened to a neighbor).
  12. One thing you should learn right away: NEVER CALL A COLLECTION AGENCY!!! Send them a DV (debt validation letter) and dispute the listing with the credit bureaus. You always want a paper trail.
  13. Turk-Seriously? Do you want to spend your time spinning your wheels with a lawsuit or do you want to get rid of this?? You are wasting your time talking to a low-level employee at a collection agency. They have absoulutely no power to remove this collection. It is their job to take calls and be hard asses about what comes up on the screen in front of them. It's not right, but it's the way it goes. The only way you are going to get somewhere is to file a BBB and/or an AG complaint. 99% of the time this will get the attention of someone higher up in the company who willl actually take this
  14. Wait...who is this debt collector?? Have you checked to see if this is even a legitimate business? I could call you tomorrow and say the same thing and you would wire me money through Western Union? Something about this stinks...