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  1. What's the latest on HBO and "Game of Thrones"?
  2. First off, you stated that the alert indicated that your score decrease was due to a balance increase not a late payment. Are you currently over 30% usage on any of your credit cards? FICO doesn't like it when you do that. It's not just lates and charge offs that can negatively effect your score.
  3. It's not bad actually. But it is entirely possible that I'm still drunk.
  4. The whole thing infuriates me to no end. We currently, or DH, make enough that we didn't qualify for the "give back" earlier this year. But we don't own a home, so we constantly get screwed over on taxes, where we pay around 40%. Can't buy, because he's constantly getting transferred and with the housing market the way it is, we aren't willing to wind up getting stuck with a house that we can't sell and living in another city. So meanwhile, we pay nearly half his income in taxes because we don't have any deductions. How is that remotely fair? But let's worry about reimbursing companies that ma
  5. I'm officially blitzed!!!!! But................ it's my birthday..........and I'll drink if I want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Adam was begat by Spielberg. He was running around in Jurassic Park, didn't ya know? Too much wine. I was just kidding!!!! That was outta line! Nobody slam the mod for breach of TOS!!!
  7. I'll forgive ya, but only because of all the wine. Thanks!!!! I'm older than dirt!!!! When the hell did that happen????????
  8. That I'm no longer speaking to any of you!!! Fine then.........I'll do it myself!!! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!
  9. The prevalent term is "Authorized User". Do a quick search and you should find tons of information.
  10. So I've got a few questions, that had me confused from your post. The charge was on her mother's card, correct? What exactly are you disputing anyway---that point is unclear? Do you have a collection account now from the dress shop?
  11. I read that one last year. The second one was supposed to come out last year, if I'm remembering correctly, and last time I checked the new scheduled release date it's next April. I bought a Terry Goodkind (? I think ?) book at a used bookstore I found the other day, but I haven't started it yet.
  12. Yea. There were definitely some whispers of that in the series, but totally took me by surprise how off he really was. Really great twist though. I was also saddened to see Jezal's ending. Didn't see it turning out that disturbingly pathetic. But like I said, it really left it wide open to include future installments, even though it is only supposed to be a trilogy. So whatta reading now? Did you EVER read the last Potter book?
  13. I don't about the kids yet, but I think I've decided that I want a Amazon Kindle.
  14. OK. OK. OK. You found me! Musey!!!! Seriously??? Near me? Jay, I read that on some blog the other day. Too cool. Now if he'd only finally get around to finishing the series. I also finally read "The Last Argument of Kings" this week. Enjoyed it. But I'm one of those that likes some kind of an ending. It felt more like a set up for future installments. But that's ok too.