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  1. I am not in collections yet. No where near it. Now that I have that out of the way here is my problem. I have had 4 separate surgeries with the same surgeon over a period of 3 years. The first 3 were covered by insurance. 2 days before I had the 4th surgery I received a call from the office manager stating they forget to tell me they changed their insurance policy. They no longer bill directly with the insurance company. I would receive a check made out to me directly from the insurance company and I will have to forward it to them I didn’t quote understand what she meant at the time
  2. That’s good news. I will certainly look into that program. I am lucky. I can pay off my debt in it's entirety. I am willing in this case because they have not been total dinks and have not tacked on interest. That is not always the case and I have another CO that I will not be as nice with.
  3. I have a vague question. From what I have read, AM-EX is a pain to deal with. I have an old Charge Off with them from 3 years ago. I am on my feet again and am ready to pay and play. It’s a relatively small amount and I can afford to pay in full,. Despite the length, they have not sold it off. What is your experience in negotiating the TL. Obviously, if I’m paying in full (close to a grand) I want a closed paid in full.
  4. Thanks for all of the help RG. The dispute is old and beyond the 30 days. I'll wait and see if the CA responds to my letter. I wanted to try Comcast "just in case" but if you think its best not to......................
  5. FirstFirst I disputed with CRA. I am about to mail the letter to the CA (its sitting on my desk and I will stop at the post office when I leave the office). I plan to send it certified mail return signature required. I have not written Comcast yet. What is the official name of their credit reporting group?
  6. I disputed with the CRA’s and it came back as verified. I sent a letter to the CA but I did not mention I was late. Comcast has a credit report department. Interesting indeed.
  7. Recently I found an inaccuracy on my credit report. I noticed a CA placed a paid collection on my report. Since it is “paid” I never heard from them and had no idea it was there. Here is the rub. The “debt” was owed to Comcast for charges on equipment that I returned late (because they never picked it up). This was not a cash balance. Anyway, I wrote the CA. I would also like to write Comcast but, I do not know who to contact. Can I write to customer service? Who is best qualified. IF (and that is a big if) the CA takes action I could care less if I get in contact with Comcast but,