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  1. that suntrust card is issued by mbna. how recently have you checked the equity in your home? It may very well have went up some. also you stated you have good credit, you can also do equity loans up to 125% LTV. Also might give you a write off on your taxes. that is of course if you don't want to sell the car worth 18k.
  2. that line of credit is revovling just like the credit cards that you have.
  3. congrats on the deal and new truck, thats what this forum is all about.
  4. make sure you read the fine print. I believe they charge a monthly "maintenance" fee just for having the card, like first premier.
  5. The CRA might give you that baloney response that the dispute is frivolous.
  6. Best option is to have the home equity loan. I say this because you will have a fixed rate and term, so payments won't change and that should help when managing finances. You won't get a prime rate but you still should be able to save. Helocs are harder to get I think because they are open ended and also the rates are usually variable. I forgot to add most likely they will need to see enough income to support having the loan. usually in alt. lending they may go as high as 55% dti.
  7. why not do a 125% equity loan. Even if you don't have equity u can get an extra 25% over the homes value. Will have a fixed rate and term definitely should save money on int. rates compared to credit cards. I think that's a good option and he might be able to write off some interest on his taxes. If not MBNA has a 7.99 fixed rate cc thats good.
  8. I sent a dv to CACV back in april, which was never responded to. Now I just got an arbitration notice in the mail. I checked my CRs and the listing has been deleted. Would this be a violation for continued collection activity on something that was never validated? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. thanks for the help. I kept coming up with an address in TX, so i knew i must have been wrong.
  10. Anyone ever heard of this company? On my CR this company only lists a P.O. Box in california. I checked in the fl & CA corporations and could not find them. Is there another way to get the physical address? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. 1st off i want to thank everyone who made this great site possible. I sent a DV to Central Finl systems in april. I disputed at the same time with all three bureaus. The accounts came back updated, but on EX it doesn't say acct in dispute. I asked EX for MOV and they say it was verified electronically by the CA. so my next step is to send a 2nd dv then ITS if that doesn't work correct? Also on a side note if i receive a statement that the CA prints out and has a balance (not the one on the CR) that isn't acceptable for DV?
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