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  1. they have to have everything, it's a brand new account, what do you suggest? also, is that possible that if I get a PFD from NCO and that once they delete that from the CR, that cingular can put the tradeline in the CR?
  2. the story goes, that my aunt got a big bill from cingular, old kids couldn't pay bill so now she is stuck with the bill, problem is that cingular sent it to NCO, now NCO called and that F*** excuse my french, on the first call he made it seem like he was a cingular rep and that he wanted to arrange a payment plan to restablish the account and get the cells back on, thanks God I walked in and she told me about it and I told her to tell the rep that's weird because NCO had sent a letter, and she told the rep that and he kept insisting that no, Cingular never sent her to collection, and then called again the next day telling my cousin if my aunt was hiding, that she owed that money, blah, blah, blah seriously these reps they are telephone thugs, because I swear if he would have told that to my cousin in his face he would have been in trouble, big times, now here's what I need, I need to sent NCO a PFD that we will pay, they will delete & I need one to prevent NCO from coming again or Cingular to add the account on her credit reports, is there such a thing??
  3. don't know your case, but right now I just finished typing a GW letter to the president of the company and dispute department to see if they delete, I am praying they do
  4. did all mentioned above, even the AG, but then won't go away, at the end they sent me a sprint statement, so that's why I tried reaching the PFD with them
  5. confused, I sent them a PFD which they responded with a crap letter saying nothing, now I received this letter this morning, what you guys think?? is asset playing dirty tricks to get me to give them extra info? I don't know why because I have already given everything with the PFD
  6. what do you mean angel? that they should be deleted after a year?
  7. yeah, yeah I can pull a brand new report every 24 hours, you think that would work?
  8. This is what I will end up doing, step by step, also, another one I didn't mention it's from Rubin & Rothman, they did a hard pull on me for a judgment that I paid without disputing because I didn't know about CIC before, and Rubin & Rothman are just not responding at all, I guess I can't do anything about this one because they might under the FCRA rules, what do you think? and again thank you very much pilgrimfaraway
  9. I have the TU credit monitoring, not the 3-in-1 report but I do have the credit monitoring from TU you think it should work also?
  10. ok guys, I am working on deleting some Inquiries that are on my CR from CA that are no longer on my CR 1-) How soon they have to respond to the inquirie letter that I sent them? what happened was that I called TU and they told me that I have to write to them asking for a letter requesting the removal of inquiries which I sent the one from the Book and they received it like 2 weeks ago and I have just received one which is this one below I don't want to give them no more info, you guys think I should just write to them telling them since they can't locate me that means you guys should not be on my CR, just to send me a letter telling the CRA to delete the account? 2-) Does canceled. closed by credit grantor hurts the score?? although there is a good payment history always on time history what happens is that my father's CR on 2 accounts is listed like this, statement says closed by credit Grantor and also it says canceled by credit grantor 3-) C1 shows CO on EX & Good on TU, just that there is 1 late payment. how can this be possible??? thanks guys
  11. I think it looks bad on the CR try to PFD them to see if they agree, your best bet I think, that's what I have been doing
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