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  1. Thank you all, Yes I checked the papers last night and I signed the mortgage, but not the actual loan papers. Unfortunately, we were served papers from CW last week with me listed as a defendant. I do plan on fighting this if it ends up on my credit and already have an attorney lined up to see in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Yes, whatever the form is that Florida law requires. I am not sure exactly what it is. Just showing I have interest in the property as a spouse.
  3. Hi all, My DH currently has our home mortgaged with Countrywide. He is the only one on the note, but due to Florida Law I have to be on the deed as well. Unfortunately, we are not able to pay due to a major increase over the last couple of years in payments and reduced income. We do currently have it up for short sale. My dilema is our realtor is saying this will go on my credit as well if it were to be foreclosed on and possibly even if short sold. It is not as of yet on there, but I am devastated as I have worked so hard to get my credit back to good. If they do put this on my credit can I get it removed since I am not responsible for this debt? I know they look at as me having a interest. Thank you!
  4. Good Afternoon, How can I consolidate debt if no one will give me a loan to consolidate it? I have a property that has $50,000.00 of borrowable equity by the LTV ratio. I do owe some already. I am looking to borrow about 35,000.00 to pay off ccs and a couple of loans, but even the bank I have dealt with forever and has the current note would not help. The other two banks one was to high debt to income, the other two low beacon score. I know my score is low because of the maxed out cards and two loans. I got into the jam helping my husband with his new business, which is doing great actually, but not enough income to just pay big on these debts and it could be months. I worked very hard on my credit and do not want to mess it up again. I would be saving about $800 per month if I could get it worked out. Any suggestions?
  5. Thank you! No, we definitely would not qualify on the vehicle. Oh well, I guess we are just gonna have to make it through and see what happens.
  6. Thank you both, I knew the land thing could or would be an issue. We will just have to do something else if that is the case. I could not stand to lose that. I inherited the property from my father when he passed. Also what exactly is a cram down? Never heard that before.
  7. Thank you for your response. Should we just turn the vehicle in? I am not worried about another vehicle. We do have another truck that is paid off, but that is used by his employee for work. I guess he will just have to start using his own. The reason we are that upside down in the vehicle is he kept trading vehicles back in because he was not satisfied. Well he sure is not satisfied now. I tried to tell him at the time, but to no prevail. As far as the home we could continue and struggle but these house payments are close to 3000.00 per month. Also, what things need to be removed from his name? I am guessing I need to get the title to the paid off truck out, cell phones, etc. I have some property in GA with a house that was inherited, but both of our names on the deed. I do not want that getting caught up in anything.
  8. Afternoon All, My husband is contemplating various options, but I think Chap 13 might be the best. We are behind on our mortgage and would like to be able to keep the house. We have a 2nd as well. The first is for 260,000.00 and 2nd around 50,000.00 for a total of 310,000.00. Unfortunately, the house is probably only worth 240,000.00 due to the fall in real estate value. Also, he is about 20,000.00 upside down on his vehicle (I know! Talk about some bad decisions) owing around 50,000.00 and the vehicle is only worth about 29,000.00. He does not have that much debt other than this. Neither the mortgage or the vehicle is in my name and there is not issue with my credit. How would chapter 13 in this siutation? He would like to keep both, but the payments are just too much. Would Chap 13 be the best way to go? Any advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Thank you. Yes I did try that, but unfortunately, I cannot get a copy of my credit report online thanks to a fraud alert that I cannot get them to remove for anything. I do not know how many letters I have sent.
  10. Good Afternoon, I have been trying to do an online dispute with EQ, but it no longer will let you do it a confirmation number. I have been all around the website. Am I doing some seriously wrong? I have done this many times in the past without the confirmation number. Thank you!
  11. Yes, I guess so. I just hate to fork out 6500 dollars and then have it reduced to 500 or something, or even worse cancelled. Although the up side would be it is payed off.
  12. Hello Everyone, Have not posted in awhile. I am getting ready to payoff my AX card soon and as of right now I am right at my credit limit. I have been hearing horror stories about people paying off their CC and getting their limits drastically reduced to almost nothing. I am paranoid to payoff now, because I do not need them to reduce my credit limit. I used this card to help with my husbands business and when it is payed off I like to pay all my HH bills and make one monthly payment. Has anyone had this happen, especially with AX. Thank you!
  13. Thank zfire, Actually they did give me a refund. The reason they said they would is because they cancelled it on the same day they took my payment off my card. Oh, charge me and cancel me, huh.
  14. Thanks All. The weird thing is I only pulled my credit report like once a week. I would consider that hardly excessive. Oh well.
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