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  1. Congrats!! Lords knows you worked hard and have help many people on your journey!!
  2. Howdy folks!! it's been a long while and thought I would pop in to say hello......so H E L L O!!!!
  3. I have also had success in writing letters asking for them to be removed. I believe there is a sticky with the sample letters in it (there used to be). Sorry it's been a while
  4. what happened to bad things happening in "3's"....good grief!!
  5. Congrats!! Feels good don't it? I have been in my new house almost 2 years now and love every minute of it! Again, congrats to you!!!!
  6. i figured as much but it is drivig me crazy seeing that TL in the negative or TL's that adversly affect your credit scor column. Thanks
  7. Can anyone please direct me to a thread that explains how to remove a FA from your files? I have searched and searched and would like to get this process started this year:?
  8. Hello all, I have a quick question and should know the answer to this but wanted to get a few opinions before I went through with this. I have an older trade line from AmeriCredit for an auto loan (61 month installment) that has since been paid off in full. The loan was taken to term but is showing a negative trade line on my reports due to 4 30 day late pays that date back to October 2004. The actual late pay dates reported are Aug 02, Jan 04, Feb 04, Oct 04. This TL has been reporting since 8/99 and was last reported on 12/04. I have disputed the lates a long while back and they came back verifed and remain on my reports stating the TL meets the requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Question: Should I try and get this TL delted from my file or will this affect my CR in a worse way fue to the age of the TL? The reason I would do this is to raise my score and do not want to lower it by getting this removed. What do you think? I wanted to get your advise first before I wasted my time writing letters, certified mail, etc. Thank you in advance, Lyle
  9. I work in the defense industry as a Director of Sales. Love my job!!
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