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  1. You should understand. Experian and the other CBs are not there for you.

    ALthough they make some money off the consumer, their REAL customers are the banks and credit companies. Thats where they make their dough.

    So if you think they are going to do anything that might you, the consumer, out then think again. They just will not go out of their way to help us the little guys.

    Once you understand that, then you can play their game.

  2. Debt settlement companies are not all bad. Some can be very good.

    Most of what is said in this forum is correct. In a lot of cases you are much better to negotiate yourself...

    But what if you can't?

    CCCs' are a joke. If you can afford Credit Counseling then you don't need it. Period.

    There is absolutely no excuse for bankruptcy. It may be ethically correct for some, but it is never morally correct.

    You must look at all your options; see the pros and cons, then make a decision based on your given problem.

    A debt settlement company might be best for one person, but not for another.

    Doing a roll-up method maybe right you, but not your neighbor.

  3. YOu can count on Wolpoff & Abramson to sue you.

    They are now even going after anybody that uses the FDCPA on them.

    So if you do DV them, or any other legal tools, you know what you are talking about.

    With these particluar scum bags you should probably have legal representation.