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  1. I have in hand a offer to settle a complaint from a JDB "CBCS" they offered $300 from the first phone call after they received my summons I have 5k in documented violations against them, and I countered with $650 and complete deletion. I want to settle but they keep telling me they dont own the debt. So they cant agree to NOT SELL the account or give it back to MCI. <BS> I guess they will see me in court. So I guess I am not a winner yet. but it is coming.
  2. I'm at the close of two settlement offer's 1) Asset Acceptence has a offer on the table to settle for complete removal but in the offer letter it says $1.00 but there is no timetable for the submittal of the CUD and i'm not sure if I need to have a time table from them to submitt to the CRA's in writting or should I go ahead and settle for just the deletion or as I'm thinking of doing is to refile in Federal court and try to win ($5000.00 with deletion) for the violations. 2) CBCS is reporting a tradeline and I also have more than 5 documented violations against them but thier lawyer is sayin
  3. I have just heard from there hired goon here in texas. Ok I followed the step by step instructions as to VOD them wait for response <30 days> VOD them again wait 15 days. File in my local court and have them served. This was my plan from day 1 It took awhile but it worked. they never responded. Today was the 8th day of 10 to respond to the court and as I know of today they didnt respond but hired this local lawyer,she called and said she was hired by CBCS and was given authority to settle this complaint for $300 which was a joke I responded with $650 and a deletion, she said she will g
  4. This is my first post but i have used all the info to my advantage,I have a 6 yr old derog on my report, from citi/discount tire $1400.00,i have just received the response from AA to contact legal dept " jerry t burditt" I asked bud hibbs for advice he forwarded me to a local attorney who i talked to and came up with try to settle with a deletion, so i called this guy"J T Burditt" first he ask me to make a payment' is he crazy" I say no thanks see you in court then he agrees to delet after some absurd statement of how great a guy I am and how he would agree to deletion because i caught him on