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  1. I have in hand a offer to settle a complaint from a JDB "CBCS" they offered $300 from the first phone call after they received my summons I have 5k in documented violations against them, and I countered with $650 and complete deletion. I want to settle but they keep telling me they dont own the debt. So they cant agree to NOT SELL the account or give it back to MCI. <BS> I guess they will see me in court. So I guess I am not a winner yet. but it is coming.
  2. I'm at the close of two settlement offer's 1) Asset Acceptence has a offer on the table to settle for complete removal but in the offer letter it says $1.00 but there is no timetable for the submittal of the CUD and i'm not sure if I need to have a time table from them to submitt to the CRA's in writting or should I go ahead and settle for just the deletion or as I'm thinking of doing is to refile in Federal court and try to win ($5000.00 with deletion) for the violations. 2) CBCS is reporting a tradeline and I also have more than 5 documented violations against them but thier lawyer is saying she has the power to settle for $300.00 but she doesn't know what I want. I countered with $650.00 and a complete deletion and NOT to sell my account to anybody else, she has asked me to send her my documents to show they are reporting it on my credit. she keeps denying they have my account. as of today they are still reporting it on my EQ REPORT I called the CA and of course they said my account was recalled by the OC and they don't have the account any more. I called the OC and they have no record of my account. I think I will file a motion to move to Federal court a couple of days before the court date just to cost them more money in attorny's fees and raise the amount of the complaint from the current $1000.00 to $5000.00 and see if they still want to act ignorant to the facts any longer. it will cost them that much just to keep this 'BULLDOG' on the payroll to fight this. the thing about it is if they would just agree to go away now it would all work out great. but I have all the time in the world to wait this out
  3. I have just heard from there hired goon here in texas. Ok I followed the step by step instructions as to VOD them wait for response <30 days> VOD them again wait 15 days. File in my local court and have them served. This was my plan from day 1 It took awhile but it worked. they never responded. Today was the 8th day of 10 to respond to the court and as I know of today they didnt respond but hired this local lawyer,she called and said she was hired by CBCS and was given authority to settle this complaint for $300 which was a joke I responded with $650 and a deletion, she said she will get back with me Monday BUT DIDNT THINK THEY HAD THE POWER TO DELETE. If she even stutters that they cant or wont.I'm done with her because I have the proof of VIOLATIONS and I will dog them as they have done me.They are nasty people I hope this helps
  4. This is my first post but i have used all the info to my advantage,I have a 6 yr old derog on my report, from citi/discount tire $1400.00,i have just received the response from AA to contact legal dept " jerry t burditt" I asked bud hibbs for advice he forwarded me to a local attorney who i talked to and came up with try to settle with a deletion, so i called this guy"J T Burditt" first he ask me to make a payment' is he crazy" I say no thanks see you in court then he agrees to delet after some absurd statement of how great a guy I am and how he would agree to deletion because i caught him on a good day. well the problem is he said he cant say when the tradeline will come off he cant say if it will be 6 days or 6 weeks or 6 months after sending the CRA's a CUD. I have filed in civil court for several documented FDCRA violations,of reaging the account,failure to Validate the debt and to continue to report to the CRA's and I am thinking of moving it to federal court My issue is whether he can or can not remove this tradeline in a timely manner.
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