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  1. Hello Folks, Thanks very much for your encouraging. I went ahead and paid the following 6 cards with the $5K refund: Barclays, Cap1A, Cap1B, AmazonChase, WellsFargo & Khols. Now, I will remove these cards from my wallet and place them in a safe-celebratory box. My next strategy would be to focus on the BestBuy and DCU cards. I did check the Discover card and yes, as you rightly guessed, no BT offers. cheers, Yawo64
  2. Hello, I have 5 cards now, with the following limits, most of which are about 90% maxed (mainly from post-mortgage shopping, moving, home repairs, kids going to college, etc), hence a very high utilization across the board: Discover: $5000 Limit Chase Amazon Visa: $2500 BestBuy Citi Mastercard: $2000 DCU Visa: $3000 BarclayCard: $1000 about 4 other store cards (Macy''s, Khols, JCPenny, Lowe and HomeDepot) with limits raning between $300 and $100 I have no lates (within the past 3 years), and waiting for some old charge-offs
  3. Hello, I am in the mortage market, and need to clarify some questions about the income documentation required. My total yearly income is as follows: Full Time Teaching Job: $68,000 [For the past 7 years] Part-time Teaching (extra classes - all year - same college): $36,000 [For the past 1 year] Contract Job (1099s) - varies yearly: $10,000 / Year [For the past 2 years] Now, my loan officer is asking me to get an employment contract showing the extra pay for the extra (part-time) classes. I am unable to get this since part-time work is optional and not written into
  4. thanks, Since there has been no activity on the account since June 2006, doesn't it mean that the SOL has expired. I live in NJ and the debt was contracted in PA. If the SOL has expired, it means they can't report it to the CRAs. Right ? But they can attempt collection through other means, right? What is the implication of this in terms of a mortgage applicaiton? cheers, Yy
  5. Hello, Good Day All. I recently began the mortgage process. My broker pulled my credit. A week later, I got a call from "Contract Callers" regarding an utility (PECO) bill dating back to 2007. The debt is about $1300, and it is valid. The OC (Peco Energy) still owns the debt, but only assigned it to the CA. They have not reported it yet to the CRAs, and I have not received any dunning notice. Only 1 call about two weeks ago. What are my options now. I don't have $1300 outright, but can attempt a settlement offer. Should I? 1. Call the OC and see if they can recall t
  6. @ WhoCares1000 Thanks very much for the thoughtful suggestions ... As you and others suggested, I have decided not to rush into any bad mortgage decision merely out of convenience (of staying in the place I am already renting, if the seller insists on selling over the appraised value. It sure will be a big financial mistake to pay too much for the house. So I will wait it out, and start looking around for a new home in mid summer, save more money for down-payment and closing costs - so I am not necessarily dependent on seller generosity. Above all, the fact that the mortgage has hit my
  7. Thanks very much - I will speak with the landlord again this weekend. He appears to still have his head in the sand regard the real market value of the property. I will urge him to consider paying or splitting the cost of the appraisal or at least the CMA fee. In the meantime, I am keeping my options open - only problem is we have a lease that expires on August 1, 2014. So short of breaking the lease or voluntary release from the landlord (which I doubt he would do), I will have to postpone any home purchase until next year, if we are unable to agree on a realistic price. Will up
  8. if I take over payments, then whose house is it really - at the end - when the house is fully paid?
  9. I suspect he owes more than its worth - in that case what should be my strategy?
  10. Hello, I am currently renting a house that I want to buy. My current landlord bought the house about 6 yrs ago during the bubble - for about $290,000. for some inexplicable reason, he still believes he can sell the house close to what he purchased and wants to negotiate down from there. But house prices in the area has fallen - and most houses of the type are selling around $220,000.00 How can I negotiate with him - I asked him to check the current home prices, to help him determine how much his house is worth. There is a real estate broker who is willing to give us a BPO (Broker
  11. Hello, This is a baby step - but thought i would give feedback. I got pre-aproved yesterday for an FHA loan ($250K). Incidentally, my middle score was much better from the lender pull - - here they are for comparison: MyFico (Nov 1): EX=634 / EQ=649 /TU=666 Lender: (Nov 25): EX=682 / EQ=649 /TU=687 Next week, I might approach another lender for a second opinion (hope the second credit pull will not be detrimental to my scores). In the meantime, my landlord and I have to agree on the asking/selling price for the home - please see my other post on this issue thanks to all for your
  12. @willingtocope @admin Thanks again. I went to see my loan officer, and indeed, he run my credit and the scores are much higher than the myFico I bought.... Here are they for comparison: MyFico (Nov 1): EX=634 / EQ=649 /TU=666 Lender: (Nov 25): EX=682 / EQ=649 /TU=687 Big difference - particularly re the middle score - 649 vrs 682. rgds, Yy
  13. Thanks - I removed all old addresses - even the one connected to the PR (MSW Capital) - but Experian still refuses to delete after several disputes.....
  14. Hello, I plan to apply for mortgage in early Jan/Feb 2014. I have cleaned my reports to the best of my ability, and paid off all credit cards - utilization is just about 2% (only $10 balance reporting on one card, all the other two are 0 balance). My most recent myFico scores (as of 11/2013) are: EX=634 / EQ=649 /TU=666. Obviously, I am at the margins of FHA qualification. I thought that the effect of the old history (up to 2010) should have waned by now, but it appears something is still holding the scores down. So, I am looking for suggestions on what else I can do to increase my
  15. Thanks very much for all the advice. Sorry I didn't make this clear - but the tax liens are paid and released, as well as the other public record (a judgement) is fully paid as well. The only other issue is the savings - when you say 6 months of expenses does that mean rent + utilities multiplied by 6? cheers, Yy