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  1. Do NOT talk to them via phone.. you put it all in writing and don't expect them to clean up your CR.. no matter what they say. You counter in writing and if they balk, they balk.. you are out nothing but time, but never ever EVER have a convo over the phone.. it means less then zero, they will say whatever they have to. Also DO NOT agree to have a bank account debited for this.. they may insist.. if that is your only recourse then setup a second account for this debt alone, more then once collectors have taken more then they should.
  2. I'm more then aware of our three year SOL.. and the fact I live in a no garnishment state. These morons amaze me. I already took one JDB to federal court and won. The fact they send an invalid ancient debt is head scratching.
  3. 17 years ago we contracted with our cable company. They over charged us for an installation of 127.00 when we installed services while building our home... which was an error. They then corrected it and we have had an account with them ever since.. no big deal. TODAY I get a collection letter from NCO asking for this money, (cable has NO record of it since it was credited back) I am LAUGHING so hard.. they must really need accounts.. I got out a big HOT PINK LIPSTICK and I wrote the letters C&D DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN on it and mailing it back.. what a bunch of idiots.. my favorite part is how they are threatening my credit report... A few years ago they hit us with a bill that wasn't even ours.. we reported them to the AG and THEIR legal department sent an APOLOGY.. in case you don't know they have the distinction of being the HIGHEST fined CA in the country when the PA AG put the smack down on them a few years back.. they must really need revenue.. morons you know I think I need to put a bunch of confetti and glitter in that envelope too.. just to give it a nice messy party atmosphere when they open it..
  4. Im with Hal let it go... you can dispute it online and you don't tell them a thing, just in the online box say you dispute the charge.. then its up to ATT to get back to them and if they don't do it in a timely manner it falls off
  5. And Hal is WRONG.. one cent towards that debt and you start ALL OVER..
  6. The SECOND you send them a dime and in some states offer it in writing you start your clock all over again.. the credit reporting is seven years no matter where you live.. the SOL for the debt depends on your state, if your state is three years and its up they CAN sue but you need to go to court and use it as an affirmative defense.. as stated above YOU have to bring this to the attention of the judge.. if you don't show they win by default. You would be foolish to offer anything you have NO way of knowing if they would keep their word chances are they won't take it off your report and then you have started your clock all over.. send them a payment.. get a summons and your affirmative defense of the SOL is gone.. for another three years
  7. I wouldn't worry about it.. just tell her to ignore it.. I agree its skip tracing and they are not very bright...
  8. I totally agree with that, do not deal with the agency. the Dept of Education NEVER sells the loans they just farm them out but you can deal with them directly in fact there is even a dept you can write too and explain your situation, while it doesn't cancel it .. it maybe possible to defer it..
  9. Its simple.. if they are out of the SOL. you send them a C&D. they are nasty bottom feeders and they are not going to sue over that small amount.. also as far is it being on your CR.. that is a different SOL and stays for seven years
  10. <LI class=first>212-660-2245 (New York) 617-861-3962 (Boston) 305-503-0846 (Miami) 215-618-1505 (Philadelphia call any of these numbers.. they are from the reject hotline.. works well on people who hit on you too.. its a free call from your cell.. enjoy! (and no they dont' spam you are get your number. I have used them for years) these are great numbers to give out. Humor Hotlines - Rejection Hotline Numbers By State
  11. Also I notice you are in TX.. and in a non garnishment state.. another reason they will stay within the woodwork.. there are four states.. NC, SC, PA and TX .. we have NO garnishment on debts except taxes and child suppot (and for some reason NC has added ambulance fees, but I digress) Your SOL is an affirmative defense.. honestly if you are 100 percent sure its out of SOL.. then send them a C&D letter and move on with your life.. I can pretty much assure you they will not go to court on a SOL case
  12. If this is out of SOL... YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROVE A THING.. if it goes to court (which again I HIGHLY doubt with them.. and I have had VAST experience with these morons) the burden of proof is on them.. you simply show up with a credit report with the last payment and you claim the SOL as your defense.. they have to show a payment after that date.. good luck with that. you dont need a lawyer for them and you don't need to pay a dime because not only does that start your SOL over again but it shows a brand new issue on the credit reports to haunt you for another seven years
  13. you want to their attention here is the best way.. Portfolio is KNOWN for shady practices and in fact had the HIGHEST fines paid to the AG in PA not long ago. They can hound you until the cows come home but chances of them sueing are nearly nil.. they know most people are NOT aware of SOL and if they do go to court and you dont' show they win by default.. this is what they bank on.. Here is what works with them They pulled this with me a few years back and even went so far as to claim I defaulted on our payment agreement (UH>> NEVER HAD ONE WITH THEM) I went on the AG website in their state.. It was PA at the time, and filed a compliant.. that was all it took.. I sent a copy of it to them and about a month later I got an APOLOGY letter from the legal dept and also that all negative credit reporting will be dropped.. they do NOT like the AG and they went away fast..
  14. stick to the original.. they don't even read past the first paragraph.. if the SOL is passed that is really all you need to say
  15. you are right.. the giraffe is a nice touch.. gives you a zen sort of feeling LOL