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  1. I am guessing they cannot find them. One of them is off the grid and the other has moved several times in the last year do to work. She actually filed for Divorce in 2002. It was suppose to be completed in 2004 but her ex-husband never filed the signed paperwork. She lost track of time was moving on with her life and did not discover the problem until 2007. They never owned anything jointly other than some cars. No real property. Any accounts they had would have been closed in the early 2000's.
  2. Yes it was. I had an opportunity to look at it last evening. First two pages are the Standard Calif. Form. SUBP-002. It lists all the party names and the area on who is being served is left blank, they hand wrote in the ex- husbands name, and his girlfriends name on a second copy. 3rd page is the proof of serviced, (blank which did not need to be part of the Subpoena.) The first attachment, single page, states it is a Duces Tecum with the defendants name at then it has multiple lines requesting bank accounts, vehicles, business partners, etc... The Second Attachment is a Judgement Debtor E
  3. Whocares1000: The debt and judgement occurred after they were divorced, some five years after the divorce finalized. No Alimony, No Child Support, no financial compensation at all. The father in reference to my original post is not her father. It is her ex-father in law. (The father of her ex husband.) I am still not grasping how they can subpoena him with regards to who his beneficiaries are to his estate. As you stated they are on a fishing expedition. I have seen and been involved with many collections in my lifetime. I have never seen one like this where they are passing out Subpoe
  4. Trying to help a friend that has a judgement against them. The OC with the judgement assigned the debt to a bottom feeder collection agency here in Calif. They filed the legal notices in Superior Court of Los Angeles with respects to collecting the debt. The OC is in another county. (Note: Collection agencies in California are not required to have a license, nor be an attorney) The other day she gets a call from her ex husband , (they separated 19 years ago, and finalized there divorce in 2009) Process server showed up at his house he shares with his Girl Friend. They serve her with a subp
  5. Long story short, was sued for $100,000.00, Litigated it myself. Negotiated a settlement of $800.00, and release of some domain and artistic copy-writes. Cost to plaintiff, $23,000 in attorney fees. Me, my time. Opposing counsel does not like the fact that I am representing myself, and basically beating him. Two weeks ago during a post mediation hearing, he claimed he was not satisfied with a Domain release I provided his client. Stated he was not a techy guy so he could not verify the emails I provided him from the domain register. Long story short the Judge asked me for a brief expla
  6. Before you start getting your undies in a bunch, start by pulling your credit report and finding out if anything is even on it. Each state is different regarding contract law. Generally it falls under the state where the contract was signed, however the twist is that the law technically only protects the residents of that state.
  7. From a sticky I wrote years ago posted in the credit repair forum: 13. Attorneys put undies on just like you do every morning, One Leg at a Time. Which translated means they're no better then you, so don’t let them scare you. 18. If you get a fancy letter in the mail that has law firm stamped all over it, don't worry. It's just a Collection letter disguised to bring out your worst fears. -------------------- There is a process you must follow to preserve your rights. For many its a formality, for others it's a means to an end. You will find that many posters on this web sight have successfull
  8. You can lock your credit reports so that no one can access them. The problem with this is when you go to get credit someplace, ie a car loan, house loan, maybe a new appliance loan, etc... They will not be able to verify credit. You can do this through each of the big three or use a third party company to do it. I think lifeline is one of those companies that provides this type of lock down service.
  9. Start Here:
  10. Got some calls the last week from a collection agency to my office. Basically my staff dumps these calls into a generic VM account for all unsolicited calls we get. (The VM announcement for this one box is incredibly long, annoying, with pauses music, static, etc..) its our little way of saying FOAD. I was curious who this company was so we called them from our legal department and had them disclose the name of the person they were trying to reach. Turns out it was me. LOL. The debts I allegedly had have all reached there SOL, and I mean by anywhere from 8-14 years ago. So I figured it wo
  11. I had figured that out, based on researching the net. Many of the net comments I found, either on complaint web sights, BBB, etc. claimed they are one and the same, maybe a couple of names removed. I am just trying find that one connection. Seriously if you look at an NCO correspondence they have up to 15 different affiliate names. I am hoping to find a direct connection so I can go after them legally. I have enough NCO FOAD letters to create a serious windfall of money. Thanks for your input though.
  12. Raysway, can you post some of them. I would be interested in looking at them. Just got of the phone with TC and they ended up giving a couple more months free. Plus they admitted they have a technical clitch. (almost fell out of my chair laughing) that they created a trouble ticket on.
  13. Just heads up to those of you that subscribe to I have been using them for years and unfortunately have recommended them to many. I found out today, by surprise that I have not been notified of Regular Inquiries, (hard pulls) that have taken place on my TransUnion report. (NOTE: TransUnion and Truecredit are the same company) For example I had a hard pull from a company that I don't know who they are back in February, 2011. When I reviewed my notifications from it shows that there were no changes to my account, specifically "no inquires". The company that di
  14. Well its been a while since I have been here. Glad to see the forums are up and running, and helping everyone out. Before I forget Thanks to all of you over the years that have sent me PM;'s on my Sticky for Newbies. ------ So here is my question. I started getting calls to my company from ALW Sourcing, LLC. The staff has been sending them to generic VM or they call after hours and the phone system sends it to VM. For yucks I contacted them the other days on the 888-379-4884 number they keep leaving. As a seasoned Credit Repair Guru now, I explained to them that I was calling from the le
  15. Yes! When you sign for a P.O. box at either a mail box center or the USPS the piece of paper you sign basically says you can't hide behind the box. A subpeona or court order will get that information in less then five minutes. Regarding getting a social security number. Easy. You can do it on the internet, or hire a P.I.