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  1. I applied and got a Hooters mastercard with a $500 limit. My bankruptcy was only discharged 3 months ago. So thats kinda weird that they turned you down because your bankruptcy wasn't over a year old. My credit scores are even lower than yours too. 06/16/06 TU 546 EQ 550 EX 614
  2. I use to have macys card back 12 yrs ago. My credit limit was $2500 and I used the whole amount !! But I paid it all off and didn't use the card for 5 yrs and Macys closed the account due to no activity. I filed bankruptcy since having that account but it was discharged on 2/10/2006. I wonder if they would re-open an account since I was never late and paid off a $2500 debt.
  3. I'm new to this posting but i've been reading post from this forum since Feb. of 2006. My bankruptcy was discharged on Feb, 10th. I applied for a Target and Orchard mastercard soon after and was approved for those two cards. I just applied for the Hooters mastercard and I called today and was told I was approved but they wouldn't tell me my limit or if I will have an annual fee. But I wanted to thank all of you for this helpful message board. O5/04/06 TU 546 EQ 550 EX 614 Target $200 Orchard unsecured $300 Hooters mastercard $ ??????? Farmers Funiture $2500 (web site www.farmersfurn