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  1. I agree with Patz. Lenders have specific lending rules and money won't tempt them. I've tried a 35% down payment but the house wasn't 100% move-in ready so the lending rules called it inhabitable and they rejected me. If any reasonable human was the lender I would have gotten the loan but they follow specific rules and a bigger down payment is near worthless.
  2. I have a small mortgage for my residence and a mortgage for an apt building on my credit report. Both were purchased when I was single. Now I am married and we both make over $55k and I want to buy a bigger apt building but banks always seem to gripe about my existing mortgages. We both have stellar credit and we have $60k in savings. We live in Ohio (not community property state). Can she buy this apt building herself and leave my debts out of the picture?
  3. Some ebay hacker bought a laptop from me several years ago. I received the payment and shipped it and a month later ebay said I owed them the money because it was an unauthorized payment. I wonder if that (another slightly more recent) matter will go to Pinnacle and I'll be harassed for that one as well. That was for $850! Stupid ebay/paypal comes after me because they got hacked. Oh well, I haven't gone on ebay since. How long is the SOL for reporting? Is it shorter than Ohio's 7-year SOL for the actual debt to be collectable?
  4. will it show up as a 90 day late from 2005? I used to have 30/60/90 day lates all the time back then but now I'm squeaky clean. However, Pinnacle came out of nowhere and it chasing me for $70 that I might owe (not sure). The debt is from 2005. If they stick it on my credit report now, would it show up as ancient and therefore not affect my score or will it devastate my now 700+ score?
  5. Wow! I guess I'll leave my current balance one more month until they pick their underwear wedgie and then I'll PIF and hope they don't close me out.
  6. I used to have a 5xx FICO. I got that into the high-600's and about 14 months ago obtained an Amex Blue Cash card with $3500 limit with a 13% rate. I use the card A LOT. I paid in full until about Oct 2009 and then started carrying a balance. I never was late or hugged the limit except for once last month when a charge was declined because I was almost at my limit. I paid it down to $28xx and this week Amex called and said my credit line decreased to $2900. Dammit! I made them so much money this past year! I'm kinda pissed at the moment and refuse to use the card. My FICO is in the 700's. Damn them
  7. Well I applied for a BankAmericard Power Rewards Visa Signature Card and got declined.
  8. Thanks for the helpful advice. I was actually looking for credit so I can raise cash to buy a new house outright. I'm close and credit bridges the gap. I'd have these cards paid off within a couple months. I didn't know AMEX looked down on CLI requests, so it's a good thing I posted before trying it!
  9. My credit scores are in the low 700's. I have no foreclosures or BK's, just some old lates. I have a Sears @ $4k, Amex @ $3.5k, Best Buy @ $1.5k and Orchard at $1.5k. To obtain more credit should I shoot for a CLI on the Amex or shoot for a new card (e.g. Bank of America)? The Amex I've had for 7-8 months and I use it a lot and always pay in full. What are my chances? If you say new card, which one given my credit score? I've love to get $5k in new credit.
  10. They gave me a $3500 limit! I have purposely avoided inquiries and other activity and just hoped my 60 day lates from 3 years ago would age away. My score should be around 700 now. Where can I get my scores (one time only) for the least amount of $$$? Thanks.
  11. I have a Sears card with a limit much much higher than all my other cards. But, unfortunately, the limit is reported by the bureaus as "N/A" which hurts my utilization %. Is there a way I can get that limit to show up? What about charging several thousand in one month and then paying it off? Any easier way?
  12. I purchased my first home in March 2007. I was told that my score would rise after a month or two. Well it's been 4 months and I haven't been late and my score has not changed. So I'm asking all of you home-owners, how was your score affected by your first mortgage? (how much increase and how soon?)
  13. I am currently subscribed to myfico and it costs me $9/month. This provides me an alert when anything changes (about once a month). My score may change a little between alerts and I am not notified. To request today's score with current data costs me $16 each time. That's pretty expensive, I think I can do better. Are there cheaper services out there? I'd like to pull a detailed report once a month and get alerts whenever something changes.
  14. Just to update everyone: I never replied to their request and no followup actions have occurred.
  15. I was pleased to see my score reach a new high Thursday but 2 days later (today), it dropped 14 pts. The reason is silly too. I have a Chase CC that had a ton of old 30 and 60 day lates. Well I had the balance allll the way down to $4 (from $16,000). The card was closed by credit grantor 2 yrs ago. I guess that final $4 payment closed the card and that I guess shortens my credit history? That's the only logic I can formulate. My history otherwise is pretty long.