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  1. Hi All Last November, ShopNBC performed a hard pull on my credit report without permissible purpose. After going back and forth with them over this, I've decided that it is time to sue. BUT - Small Claims Courts in NYC will only allow me to sue a business that performs or transacts business in the City of New York - hence a business that has a physical presence in NYC. The filing forms already have the state NY pre-printed in the area for the defendants information. How do I go about filing suit in this matter? Would it be possible to file in a small claims court in an adjoining county? Thanks in advance.
  2. This was the first test of the Nobama Administration. If he were not president, the pirates would never have even attempted to hijack a US flagged ship. I finally gained .000009% respect for Nobama for authorizing the SEALS to do their thing. One thing is for sure - a US flagged vessel will never be the target of pirates again.
  3. Wold you happen to have the phone number for Experian handy? I have it somewhere, but in all this clutter I can't find it. Thanks
  4. OK...... I just opened up my US Bank World Perks Visa statement. They did keep to their word and lowered interest rates. The BT rates remained the same. Purchases dropped to 13%.....a whopping .75% drop!!! so much for a significant drop...... Cash advance rate - still at 20.99 (still less than most other cards though....) However what I find funny is that they credited my annual membership fee back to me......whats up with that??? That's also along with the raised credit limit. My minimum payment due is $372.00. The interest applied is $149.36 How should I handle this one? Make one last payment in full? Make a lesser payment as a gesture of good will, and include a letter reminding hem of my situation and enclose documentation that supports it? Or just not pay it at all? Would making a partial payment make less of a ding than not making a payment at all? Should I send them yet another letter with supporting documentation, and try to get them to accept the lower payment and lower the interest rate more?? I'm confused on this one - especially with such a large balance. Even if I was able to settle with them at 50%, there is no way I can come up with a lump sum of $11,000. Nor the money to make 3-4 payments towards it.
  5. Unfortunately I'm not former military.........so I have to go through the whole shebang
  6. That's another reason why I'm considering it too. Three hots and a cot, medical care, etc. And now that they raised the enlistment age to 41, I still have time. Only thing is at my age, I don't know how in hell I would make it through BCT - especially when up against a bunch of 17-19 year olds for the most part......but then again I have life experience on my side. Real killer is my chosen MOS - I would prefer 11B, but will settle for 11x. And if I do enlist, I pray that I get assigned to my dads old division - The Big Red 1. That way I could have the honor of serving where he did and the honor of having the Big Red 1 patch on my shoulder just like he did. Would be my own way of honoring his memory.
  7. Thank you very much - that seems like a vert viable option, especially being able to order online. Something about my pride that would keep me from walking into a food pantry. Just looking up the qualifications for food stamps online was a humbling and humiliating thing for me.........I have alot of pride. Thanks again - I am definitley gonna look into it further.
  8. Well US Bank sure didn't waste any time..... I had sent off letters (email and US Mail) explaining my situation, and how it was temporary till my unemployment started coming in. All I requested was some temporary action/relief till my benefits start to arrive and I can start making full payments again. What did I just receive in my inbox?? Account Ending in: 1528 Dear DWFan: I have contacted our Collections Department on your behalf. At this time there is nothing that they can do regarding a special repayment plan, as you indicate that you have no means in which to repay. They do however, suggest that you cease from using your account or possibly considering closing the account to prevent your balance from increasing due to purchases. Once you have received your unemployment benefits you can contact our Collections Department at 1-877-xxx-xxxx to discuss a hardship program. Please contact us again if we can be of further assistance. Sincerely, Linda Luthi Team Manager Well.....I expected the account to go to collections, but not this quickly. Now the question of the day - make a full payment when the bill comes, make a partial paymet, or make no payment at all??? I have no intentions of closing the account (not at this moment anyway), as I want to see if I can salvage my relationship with them. O course I will cease using it, and cancel the two $1.95 recurring subscriptions being charged to it monthly. The ball is definitely in their court right now. Question is, how do I handle it? Full payment, partial good-faith payment, or just stop paying?
  9. Well I just went to the NYC Legal Aid Societies site.......seems that they handle everything EXCEPT consumer/credit law. The only assistance given in that matter is in their self help section, where they have a downloadable document telling you what to do if you get sued......the same information that can be found here. Back to square one....was worth a shot, and I appreciate the tip. But it doesn't look as if they can assist me. Now if I murdered someone on the other hand.......
  10. Thanks - been reading it over and over and over all night.
  11. First off, THANK YOU for your service in defending this country. And thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm a fighter, so I'll get by. Unfortunately most of my family is either deceased or doesn't speak to one another. So my friends are the only real family I have. Close friends I should say. All of my close friends are like brothers to me, and I would lay down my life for any of them. Some aren't in a position to help as they are having problems of their own, others are (such as the one who floated me $1,000 so I can at least make my next three car payments) And I'm sure the money will come - it's just a matter of when...... Also even at my 'old' age (35) I am seriously considering enlisting in the Army - I had been for a while...at least a year. But this just pushes me a bit more towards it. Not just because of my situation, mind you. But because of my love for this country and the freedoms that most Americans take for granted, and the personal feeling that it is my duty to repay the country for those freedoms. Why I didn't join at 18 is an entirely different story....long story (nothing to do with my feelings for the country because I have always felt this way), but a difference in opinion with my dad (who LOVED the Army), and I did not want to disrespect his feelings.
  12. No, I haven't tried legal aid (yet at least). What I am concerned about is that they may not be too familiar with the laws as it pertains to credit issues, and might make my head more clouded by giving wrong or not totally accurate advice - or if they do in fact write any letters on my behalf they may be doing me more harm than good due to their lack of understanding of the laws. Yep -- I sure am between a rock and a hard place. I had to humble myself to ask my mom to cover my rent payment (one month only - if this keeps up, I'll probably have to wind up moving back in with her - not too bad as she is up their in age and has some health problems, so it would benefit both of us), my friend (who is like a brother to me) was nice enough to float me $1,000 so I can at least make my next three car payments (and he was also nice enough to not push the issue as to when I need to repay him "whatever and whenever you can - don't worry about it" I swear I love that guy as if he were my own flesh and blood. Food....well I am depending on the charity of friends/family. NYS says that I do not qualify for food stamps. I guess they'd rather see me starve to death in the street.....
  13. Thanks. Problem is that I really don't have much to sell. I do have 7 10oz bars of silver, along with 15 1oz bars, but I'm holding till the metal markets go up a bit. Same with the close to 1oz of gold ingots I have. I do have a 99.9% complete collection of Graded US Eagle Silver coins from 1986-present. I could pull $1,000 if I'm lucky. But with all the undercutters on Ebay, someone will be sure to be selling the same set for hundreds less. Just about all jobs here are gone - even driving a cab (which I do have a license for). For the first time in history there are more licensed cab drivers in NYC than there are cabs. And the few jobs that are hiring.....the salary wouldn't even put a dent in my rent. Side jobs are here and there, but the pay isn't too great. I have two laptops - my personal one and a mini Acer that work let me take when I left. So I plan on selling mine, but it was an inexpensive one to begin with - I think I paid $360 for it. The mini one I am keeping for some side work that I do do (but not too much of) I help people fight the extortion (parking tickets) handed out by NYC, as well as review traffic violations for them and see if I can dig up case law for them (I am a member of the National Motorists Association, and have access to all that info) As much as I hate to, I've been borrowing money from my mother to pay my rent. And my friend floated me a $1,000 so I can make a few car payments. Food - I'm depending on the charity of friends/family. Believe it or not - even in my situation - I do not meet the criteria for food stamps. So I guess the government feels that I should be allowed to starve to death. Expenses have been cut drastically. My car has been driven maybe four times in the last month, sitting there trying to ration out the 1/2 tank of gas I have. The only things purchased are the bare necessities, and the two items that are absolutely necessary for school - steel toe boots and safety glasses. Cable has been cut down to basic. My home internet is gone - I am using the unlimited Air Card that I have, as it made more sense....I can get online at home and if I am assisting a client I have internet access to look up laws, enter pleadings, etc. Home phone is gone - kept the cell where I have 100%unlimited calling for $49.99 - I chose that route because I make alot of long distance calls. So I'm basically living as a prisoner, trying to conserve the little bit of money that I have. Hopefully NYS releases this money to me soon, and I'll be ok. But till they decide to do that.... Now I'm just wondering if I would be able to get VW Credit to budge on their interest rate. In todays climate, you would think that they would do whatever they could to keep people in their cars so they don't have to send the tow trucks out in the middle of the night...... Especially since so many of the domestic manufactures are offering such deep discounts, cash back, and 0%. Guess I'll call them later today - what's the worst they can say? No? BK7 is my absolute last choice.....been there, done that, and really don't feel like going back down that route again. I'll figure something out, and I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks again everyone.
  14. LOL - that is something I would do, but Albany is quite a drive from NYC. The joys of living in NYS.....
  15. Anyone??? Any encouraging words, or bits of advice? I literally havent slept for days over this - maybe a half hour nap here and there. I'm really wound up about this, and I feel as if I'm reaching the breaking point. I could really use ANY help that could be offered. Thanks again, and sorry for being a PITA.