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  1. First, thank you both for your responses. All my dept was included in my BK. I'm just wanting to clean up my reports at this point so I may buy a house. I don't want to go to court over any of this. The doctor's bill WAS PAID to the doctor BEFORE it went to collection. How they even showed up on my report is beyond me. They've obviously been there for quite a while, I wish I had known! That bill is almost 6 years old already! Geez, another year and it will be off my record! In this case, the doctor's office, and his billing office are seperate. I spoke directly with my doctor, and maile
  2. Here's the thing. . . . . I REALLY don't want to file a lawsuit (I don't think I qualify at this point) I just want these things off my reports. With the particular OC that I'm disputing, it's my doctor, and I AM still a patient of his. My letter to his office was more of a goodwill, with quotes of the FCRA and a 30 day limit. My doctor isn't the one listed on my report, his collection agency is. While my doctor has no records (old debt, but not outside SOL yet) of my lack of payment, the CA has my doctor's original bill, which was paid to my doctor over 4 years ago! I thought by going to
  3. DV 30 days was up for the OC on July 2nd. DV 30 days was up for CA on July 4th. I did dispute the items as well. I am not monitoring my credit. This is something I want to do, but, was not financially able. It is on my list of goals, and I should be able to accomplish this goal in one week! (next pay check) What service do you recommend? There IS a sample form on this site that covers this topic, HOWEVER, when you click onto the letter, it's NOT the letter that is supposed to be there. Instead, I believe it is a letter to a CA. Any help would be greatly appreciated! BTW, I live in PA.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm really needing some help here. I've been reading this site all over for a few months now. I must say that it makes my head spin with all the knowledge that is here! Thank you. I am having a difficult time finding what to say to the CRA after you've DV'd a collection agency and they never responded. Same with an OC, I've followed all instructions/steps and OC never responded. Could someone please give me some pointers of what to say in my letters back to the CRA's for each instance? I've drafted something for the letter regarding the OC, but, would really like input so
  5. LOL!!!!! The answer is YES. I did attend his seminar. I actually learned a lot there. I didn't purchase any of the material, but, my husband felt it best that we get someone to clean up our credit, so, we did hire them for HIS credit. Now, on the other hand. . . . . . . Here I am. Having filed BK7 ourselves (and feeling quite proud that it went well and is dismissed), I found all the info on how to do this online and by doing research in our local library, I decided to have a little competition! I found YOU! This site!! I have gotten many things deleted from my reports, while my husband
  6. I'm in the process of DV with Arrow financial at the moment. ( I disputed to CRA already.) I was actually surprised to receive the green card back! Do you have any tips on dealing with Arrow? In my case, I didn't pay them. I filed BK7 & was discharged Feb. 2006. I must say that I'm glad I found this site. I have deleted 7 TL from TU, 3 from EQ, and 2 from EX. They were just online disputes and I feel I had VERY favorable results from that. Now I'm in the process of CMRRR's. This is only my second month at this. I'm feeling rather proud of myself! LOL! Also, I'm in competition wi
  7. Hi Lady, Thank you for your prompt reply. I was under the impression that everyone paid wage tax. . . . . .maybe I'm wrong or they call it something else in other states? Wage tax is a percentage of your earnings paid to your local municipality(township, bureau). Let's say I live near Pittsburgh, PA in the township of Shaler as an example. I must pay Shaler township a percentage of my income. Normally, the township will send out quarterly statements, and you pay that way. If you don't pay quarterly, you may also pay end of year, aka April 15th. I didn't not pay anything to my local munici
  8. Hi All, This is my first time posting. I've been reading and learning for a couple months now. I have not been able to find the answer to my question in stickys, searches, or anywhere else on the web. I'm hoping someone here can shed some light for me. I live in PA. I filed BK 7, no assets in October 2005, discharged in Feb. 2006. I included my husband's local township wage taxes from 2004 and 2005 in my bankruptcy. In May we received our first letter from the township with a breakdown of the taxes we owe, plus interest. They informed me in their letter that taxes are not dismissed in B