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  1. One, it was a recent over 30 from February 2013. I had no idea that my score tanked about 100 points until my scores were pulled for a mortgage loan recently. Over tha last years, this site has helped me so much. This was the only derog on my report. I was kicking myself for forgetting to pay that one card. It has been more than 8 years since i paid anything late. Another important tip that I learned. The higher your score, the harder your fall for even one single missed payment. Thank goodness for goodwill!!! Thank you Credit Info Center!!!
  2. Goodwill letters work, but sometimes it takes tenacity! Techniques that worked for me: Call Customer ServiceGo to the credit card’s Contact Us link and send a requestFollow up with written letters to the reporting address on your credit report- I would not recommend sending CMRR, the one I sent via this method was rejectedSend letters via planetfeedback.comAs a final step, send a private Facebook message to the corporate page- In my case, the bank promptly responded with confirmation of the deletion.
  3. Thanks! I do plan on paying the debt in full. It was previously on my credit report, but I was patient and waited until it went away. Over the years I have been contacted by collection agencies, but I always send them the C&D note and tell them that I will take it up with the school directly.
  4. I am sure that it has been posted before, so please do not beat me up . I have an old bill at a university, -been out since 1996. But I would like to pay the debt so that I can obtain my transcripts. Will this pave the way for this debt to end up on my credit report?
  5. For a limited time, get 20% off FICO Credit Complete - that's all 3 FICO scores for just $38.28 (normally $47.85). Enter promo code FALLFCC11 when you order to recieve the discount.
  6. We have been contemplating filing BK for several old debts, specifically two repossessed car loans from 2003 & 2004. Since a judgment was obtained against us for one vehicle, we have obtained several credit cards and new car loans. We are current on everything, and have not missed a payment since 2003. What happens if you are current on everything, but can afford to pay a lump sum judgment? Would the credit cards and car loans continue to report as usual? If you have a zero balance on the credit cards, would you have to list them? What if you have balances, but want to continue paying as usual do you list them?
  7. Thanks for all of the responses. My question is this, if my bank account only consists of monies from my employment, and wages are 100% exempt from garnishment in Texas, can they still clean out my account?
  8. I have no idea. I am going to write a letter asking for a breakdown of everything. If I had the money to pay at the time, I would not have given the car back in the first place. My situation has changed since then, but I do not have extra income to pay off this debt. I came here seaking some expert advice on the topic. I just would like someone to let me know the best way to proceed. This is the main reason why we considered BK in the past because of this issue. I do not know what to do.
  9. Thanks so much for the response! I will check into it.
  10. My husband and I received a judgment against us in 2003. We were experiencing difficult times with a new baby, hospital bills, etc. When the case was filed, we sent in an answer basically stating what I just said in a nutshell. The judgment was entered against us for $11,000 (for a car that we gave back). About two years ago, we contemplated filing for bankruptcy, and actually consulted an attorney, and gave a retainer. We believe he sent a letter to the original attorney handling this case because all letters and correspondence ceased until recently. Now the balance is $16K, the case has been transferred to a firm based in AR, and they are wanting us to make payment arrangements. With all of our current debt, we cannot afford to pay another car note, and would be good to make $50.00 per month, but no more. We do own our house which is our only true asset. We also reside in Texas. Should we call and offer to make a $50.00 per month payment? Would that do anything? Any advice on how to proceed would be helpful. We really want to pay all of our bills and not file for bankruptcy.
  11. As of today, this debt has been deleted!
  12. You guys are awesome for responding to me! The payday loan company in question no longer exists after several suits were filed against them for unethical business practices. My guess is that they sold off their debts before going under. There is an entire website dedicated to these so called Law Firms. No one has ever sent me anything even saying “you owe us –pay”. I have nothing from the OC, or no attempts to draft my account for this alleged debt. I only have record of a payday loan from another company that I paid in full under the terms of our agreement. That is why this is so confusing. Also some of these payday loan companies have several different names. I just want proof and I will pay, but feel that it needs to come off my report ASAP. Today I received a response from the NY BBB, basically no response and stated that I could file a claim against the company. -The same great advice that you guys have passed on. I currently have an attorney reviewing all of my documents, thanks to this site, I have amassed a large pile of supporting documents (fax confirmations, email confirmations, CRRR, etc). All one sided, me basically screaming ANSWER ME!!!! (professionally of course).
  13. Thanks so much! I will follow yours and bug's advice and sit wait for the alphabets (BBB, AG, FTC) to kick in and help me out. If that does not work, I will contact the naca.