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  1. Can anyone please provide me with a sample Order to Show Cause in NY state? Anyone have anything they used that worked? Thanks so much
  2. DV them! read under the "Debt Validation" link up at the top
  3. Congrats Franpat. that's great for you! What were the events that led to you winning the case? Did you have to go to court? Did you send them the discontinuance? Can you give more specifics?
  4. I had a judgment( that I got vacated) from a JDB that also said 'MED1' on my TU report. I have no clue how it got that designation, when the judgment was for an alleged credit card CO. What does medical info have to do with a credit card?
  5. Please keep updating this thread! It's the first thing I read when on come to this board. No lack of excitement here. Again, sorry you have to go through all of this, but thanks for sharing!
  6. definitely worth a try. Is any of your paper work signed by a judge? I had a vacated judgment removed from my report by sending them a copy of the signed order.
  7. You can write up an order to have the judge sign, stating that your motion to vacate was granted, or however the details pertain to your situation. Once you have the signed copy, send it to the CRA.
  8. Call or go to the courthouse to see if the summons has been filed. Make sure you answer the complaint.
  9. Sounds like the person doing the backround check REALLY dropped the ball here. Thanks for sharing your story, and I am sorry that you had to go through all of that. This was an interesting post and I am glad that I read it.
  10. I disputed with the CRA, not with the OC specifically. When I dispute the CRA, It's my understanding that they send a message to the OC regarding the dispute, and then the OC verifies, or does nothing. If the OC or CRA are supposed to be reporting it as in dispute and they are not, I want to know. Who is in the wrong here? the furnisher, right? This should all be fixed once I send the Police report to the OC, but I am just asking this as a matter of law. Thanks again for the posts
  11. Thanks for you response. I didn't send the police report yet. It took some time to locate and get a copy, but I have it now. I just thought that the OC had to report as "in dispute," since I did dispute.
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