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  1. to my credit cards co's i got amex to 50%, plus the option to get the cards back, i think paying someone is a bad idea, i screw up big, 40k, i learned , to say no, but i will pay them back, no bk for me, i have a house so i really dont need to settle right away but faster is better, i talked to a bk atty, who wants to file for me , ( of course) 2500 for him. but i will take the hits an as frank sintra said get back up. sam
  2. love bug , im just asking...... is that a problem??????????/ i thougt that is what we do here.ask????? thx sam
  3. right, i f'ed up and i know it, i have talked to the big one amex, 20k i owe them an i will pay off this debt, i made up my mind, an people here should use me as a exsample. i worked hard to get them there credit cards, so i will dv my wife because she is the one who DID IT, RIGHT RIGHT, No we both did, but i will pay them off. thx sam
  4. a debt co.?? here, are you happy with them. i need to do something 40k in cc. stupid me. i got cc happy and now look. anyway whats done is done, i need to pay these off, i need to refi in 3 + yrs, 5 yr arm,,,,, 2012 any help.??? sam
  5. sub prime b/4 amex.. so i kept them, an used them alot. so as i said i will pay each one off per month, an cut or sock it. but i have i ??? will a few dings now say 30 days hurt so much in say 3 yrs, when im ready to refi, because i may have to pay one an not the other, to all FYI AMEX doent report until 90 days , sam
  6. cards with o bal, about 10, lowes 10k cl, homedepoy 10k,,, macys, blooms, a few more i cut them up wifeeee likes on line shopping but i cut them, a have a few gas, 3 or 4 @ 1k ea. so its only the ones like cap one 1500 cl credit one 600 merrik 1k hooters 1k junper 300 ect,,,,, i figure if i pay this off, an that just work the amex i should be ok, sam
  7. become the 2nd tapeduct banit to hit but only i will use clear tape lol, sam
  8. i have 1 or 2 cards that have some $$$ but most are maxed.... i f'ed up, overused this cards, used up most of heloc the only thing i did correct was i put 70k down on my house, an @ 5.75 for 5 yrs it was a good deal. if not im walking away today, like most in forcloseure. but 40 k is not that much, i can do it, thx sam
  9. my scores are not bad, 650 is middle. most of the people are saying it LTV is to high, house is not appraising as once was, only 330k i need 310k something to do all cc , heloc, and 1st, so heres my plan, pay all 40k before 2012, i make 70k house bills 2k thats 1st 2nd and water, ele, cable,, so i have 2k to spend so i think its doable, 3.5 yrs, , even if i pay the 20k in 1 yrs, and keep amex going i dontg think they will drop me, thx sam
  10. about cc anymore, i have lowes, homedepot, if something were needed at the house, my 3 cars are paid i dont think i will need one for a few yrs, only 2 problems 1. i have a 5 yr arm, due to adj in 2012 so i will need to refi, 2. 40 k in cc but i do have a plan, pay off 1 cc a month, amex are 5k but i hav15cc total 20 k, i can pay 1k each month an dont use it so i do have a plan an if they cancell me f them, as i pay my heloc that can be use as a cc also. ps funny guy, i haven smoked in 35 yrs,,,,, hate it, think to much. oh maybe i should start ,, thinking...... thx sam
  11. yesterday, i have a home est @ 330k, i have a 1st @ 236k @ 5.85 an a heloc @ 40k @ 6.00, i have 5 amex with has 10k each, 2 month ago they amex droped the cl to the bal. about 5k on ea, now i have 20k with amex, and another 20k in cc with different banks. income is 70k, i was doing fine untill all this credit and housing mess. i know what i neeed to do, pay down the cc, thats it. i wanted to refi all into but the house doesnt have eq, init im @ 90% LTV i dont fell BK for 40k IS WORTH IT. what would YOU do, sam
  12. My ? is how after , have a house @ 350k, all the credit i could want i cannot get a loan to refi, 30 in cc. house is now @ 330k , 236k 1st 30k 2nd an i cant get some f ing bank to refi me. sam
  13. this could be the case, but here i am, 40k in cc, bank pulled back heloc to 40 k, FROM 100K paying all cc on time but nothing left from paycheck amex 4 cards, 20k, 5k on each, they pull all credit to the 5500 mark. cannot refi LTV is to high, what to do???? BK I WILL NOT DO, sam
  14. I had 3 cards, bb/ bb visa/ and household, always paid on time 1 was a 0 bal the others are 1000 and 2000 cl. about 50% ul ithey closed all account in 1 day , i dont care i have amex and a few more cc but WTF SAM
  15. is like a 4 yr good tl, 5 .00 per month thought sam
  16. buy with this card, now im thinking do i even want this card, i have 4 different cc w/amex 40k in cl's, and a bunch of 2 an 3k'scl with different cc,'s why should i use this card??? an should i close the crap 1, credit 1, and all store cards??? and simplify my life???? to 5 cards. anybody??? sam
  17. I was fr's last month an today i applied for green, approved, no cl,???? but 95 per yr, first yr free, my fako's are 715 to 725, but i never thought i get green, they must be on something over there at amex. me bk 11 yrs ago, 100k in debt>>>> priceless....... thx sam
  18. 30 days, most will not report, i have done this. thx sam
  19. i had a small account with IC 125 .00, during my cREDIT repair, i thought my best bet was to pay it, now i know all the peeps on here say you shoulnt pay for good credit but, it was my call. my reasoning was i was getting good results doing this an than disputing with the CRB'S, well that what it did, an they never responed to the crb so deleted. so it your call, but check a few things sol is it really yours, ect. sam
  20. first to all, you are doing the right thing taking care of family is 1 st bussiness. 2. trying to buy the things we need and not have to pay hight intrest to get it because of past problems. 3.have fun to do the things you like and the $ to do it, 4. you will see that if you listen to the people on here , pay on time for want you have now it will get better. 5. fyi. 10 yrs ago i couldnt get credit to buy a hotdog, today own my house. 3 cars. some nice cc for something if i need, putting $ away .and run my own co. dont have all the thing i want, but i have what i need, today anyway. thx sam
  21. eq yesterday, 16 inq, deleted, fakeo was 650 today after al inq gone, 725. thx sam
  22. delete inq. that we ahve active TL with?? i get eq inq. deleted and i have the cc listed on my file, i gues they dont check that. thx sam
  23. Hi to all, i placed a fr alert on my ex report, today i pulled my tc and to my suprise there is a statement from me to call me @ my cell,before anY new accounts now i have no problem with this because i want to now focus on ridding inq's from ex, i dont need any more tl or cl. but is the normal. and will this go away after the 90 daYs... THX SAM
  24. I have been on both side, i have been fr'ed by amex and all was ok, 30k in cl. took 4 weeks I aslo had cl lowerd by 2 chase cards on the same day, same thing said to me a collection show up during a reveiw. I got a person on the phone and explain that the co was there before an they agreed and put back the cl , amex is really hitting hard because of the credit, mortgage thing , i would call again to see if you can get a different person. my .02 $ thx sam
  25. Im in fla, and a home owner, i have my eye on a second home, in my hood asking last yr, it been on the market 1+ started @449k, then 425 ,409 400,399, now 380, i know the house sold for 325 3 yrs ago, so im waitiing to see, + its empty, the owner lives out of state. i thinking of a #, say 350k
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