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  1. Forum: My partner and I recently applied for a mortgage. We have been diligent CIC readers for two years now, and we credit these forums with putting us in a position to actually get a good fixed-rate mortgage. What is concerning us currently is that the FICO and Beacon scores that our mortgage broker pulled and showed to us were NOWHERE NEAR the FAKOs reported by True Credit. I understand the Beacon is a differnet model, but I was SHOCKED that the FICO was so different than the FAKOS. All three FAKOs were at least 50 points off from the actual FICO. In fact, the Experian FAKO was 100
  2. All: Just wondering if anyone out there has been recently dumped by AMEX. I re-opened my card about a year ago through their "Oasis" program. I got a letter yesterday telling me that because of derogatory information on my CB report, I was being terminated and my entire balance was due immediately. The part I don't understand is that all three credit scores have actually gone UP since I received the card, I haven't had any negative information on any of my bureau reports in over 4 years, the card was charged only to 30%, I paid three times the minimum payment every month the same day I rec
  3. Just a quick poll -- what kind of score bumps have people seen in their FICO/FAKO by paying down their CC utilization to 0-5%? We are mortgage hunting, and I want to have an idea what that last score-bump push might look like to pay down from 95% utilization to 0-5%. Any ideas? I'm hoping for 15-ish point jump. We are currently at 95% utilization and have the cash in the bank to pay down to 0%. Thanks.
  4. 620 sounds right. My broker told me we need to be at 620 to secure a 30-year fixed.
  5. I've noticed that TC takes up to a week sometimes to report different things. New inquiries show up quickly, derogatories speed to the front of the line, but reporting positive information and pay-offs, deletions, etc., seems to take a week. I just got a letter from EQ and TU that two derogatories were deleted. I received this letter on 11/01 and as of yesterday, 11/10, they were not being reflected by TC. TC is clumsy. I've been a member for three years now, and I don't like it. It's a necessary evil, though.
  6. My AU on my mastercard just noticed that this month his authorized user has stopped reporting to EQ (after three years of reporting) Guess this free ride is ending!
  7. I've had a great experience with Oasis. I had a CO with AMEX in 1999. The strange thing was that they never reported the CO to the CRAs -- maybe that just happened to me. Anyway, I paid them, got the approval letter for reinstatement of my card as promised, and the card arrived within a few weeks and is not only reporting as a positive TL, but it is reporting as a 15-year-old account with the "open date" listed as my original application date. Nice bonus, if you ask me. The one negative is that they don't give you an AMEX proper -- they give you their bogus little Optima card which doesn
  8. I've had luck removing 30-day lates on an AU account. I dispute the lates with the AU's information, and I haven't had one verified yet. They've all been deleted, done this five times in the last two months. No problems at all. The lates still show up on the original account holder's report, but they're gone on the AU's report. Maybe I just got lucky.
  9. any idea on where or what to try? Just throw myself on a good, trusted mortgage broker and see what they tell me? I have thought of asking our lawyer to write a goodwill letter to the hospital asking them to reclaim the debt from the CA, arrange a monthly payment agreement, and pull it from his credit in return in exchange for a small increase in our monthly payment, and with the caveat that if a payment is missed, they could return to collections procedures as usual. They are a Catholic-charity-affiliated hospital, and it might be likely to persuade them to do this through our lawyer. A
  10. Thanks -- I have just heard so many stories about having every TL paid before a mortgage would even be possible. He has two sub-prime cards of his own, and is an authorized user on two of my cards (which I did without telling him about, when the card came, I just cut it up) so he does have four positive TLs reporting with no lates for the last two years, but has $10,000 in medical collections on there which is REALLY making things difficult. Thanks, I guess we keep plugging away at it.
  11. My partner and I have an interesting situation. I have no unpaid collections on my report and my scores are in the 620s, but I do not make enough money to qualify for a decent home in our city by myself. My partner has a large medical collection for $10,000 from a hospitalization which we are paying on $250/month -- his scores are low (530), but makes a lot more money than I do. We want to buy a house, but require both incomes to qualify for the home. Should I just assume that this is a no-go situation until that $10,000 is paid? No way to get the hospital to pull it from the CBs bec
  12. "shielded from view?" Is this permanent, or will this item get re-reported in a month and my score goes back down? I'm just confused by exactly what you meant. THANKS!
  13. Interesting situation unfolding about this item -- it has been deleted from all reports. Last week I got the letter about "unacceptable documentation" and True Credit shows this morning that the TL has been deleted from all reports. WHY? I guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth -- maybe it was because they got caught verifying a paid account and didn't want to push the issue? Any ideas? I guess I don't really care, it bumped all three scores 20 points overnight, now I just PRAY that since it's a paid collection that they don't bother to re-report it!
  14. All: I two months ago I paid off a collections TL. They said it would take up to 90 days to update to "paid" status, so I just disputed it with the CBs to get them going on the issue. To my surprise, the CA did not confirm that I had paid, but verified a dollar amount and "unpaid / collections" status. Since I had received written documentation from the company that I was paid in full, I copied that documentation and sent it to the three CBs with a written request that they update my status to "paid in full" with a $0 balance. To my surprise, every one of them sent me a letter saying "W
  15. I received a letter dated 4/23 from a CA about an account which is 10 years old, past statute, past reporting. I posted on CIC asking if I should ignore or DV, the response was unanimous, DV just to protect yourself. I sent a DV, CMRRR, which they signed for on 5/22/07 -- 29 days from date of their first letter. The letter was very basic without all the legal fluff -- it just said "I dispute this debt, this is not my debt. Please provide proof that this is my debt and that it still falls within the legal and reporting statutes. If you are unable to provide this proof, please cease and d