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  1. I contact the Child Support Bureau they state I am not in arrears and have always paid on time. So I ask why then am I being reported with a collections code on my report. They said, I dont know, it shouldnt be reported like that. So I requested they contact Equifax and have it removed. My case worker stated, she had no way of contacting them!!! I said well you contacted them to put this info on my report. I said can you write me a letter stating I am not in arrears, I am not in collection and that this should be removed from my credit report? She said, I can send you a payment history, I can
  2. I have never not payed the child support. as I stated, it shows that I have never been late, and that it is taken out of my paycheck as required by the ohio law. I will be contacting my case worker on this issue. Thanks
  3. In reviewing my Equifax report, I see listed the Ohio Department of Human Services listed. I am ok with that, I do pay child support. further reading states I am current and pay on time never late. also true. At the bottom of the entry is a status code of G I refer back to the first page where the codes are listed and G = Collection Account!!! Is this affecting my score? It is not like I have refused to pay and they sent me to a CA. I am mandated by state law to have this money taken out of my paycheck. Just curious, when I saw it being reported as a collection account, I am kinda freaked.
  4. Ok so now all three CRAs have "verified" accounts as mine, I am now sending out dispute letters to the OCs. Should I also at this time request MOV from the CRA? or is this step not neccessary when dealing with the OCs? Thanks for all the help here, this site it awesome!
  5. got my Hooters card yesterday, 750 CL, 29.95% ouch, but it is credit, I just dont plan on keeping a balance on it. Orchard-500cl unsecured 14% Hooters-750cl unsecured 29.95% carloan-joint 6% Its a start TU/EX/EQ 08/05 - 532/532/529 11/05 - 597/597/529 6/06 - 568/568/635
  6. Thanks for the info, I will now be sending out dispute letters to the OCs, since I have already disputed with the CRAs.
  7. I have disputed with the CRA's and still have 6-10 baddies on my CRs I have no collections. These accounts are being listed as IIB or charge offs. I have disputed several times with the CRAs on these TLs and they come back verified. Now I am preparing to DV the OC, from what I am reading the FDCPA does not apply to the OC, so how do I structure the letter to the OC to get a response? Does the OC have to respond? My goal is to eliminate all the accounts listed as IIB from my CRs. I need some help in setting up my game plan!! reading is just confusing me more, it seems alot of the post ar
  8. dadov3

    Next step?

    Thanks Angel, I will keep you posted.
  9. Thanks for the assist LadynRed. I will be filing a Motion to Vacate Next week.
  10. This TL was included in CH7 filed July of 04. I have disputed the Chase account as "not mine" with the CRA's twice and it has came back verified, also I have recieved a letter from Chase stating they recieved the dispute and they sent me a copy of a check from 02 that I sent in for payment as verification the account is mine. My goal is to get it removed completely from my CRs, I do notice that they updated it to say petitioned for BK in June of 06. What is my next step? Do I wait 60-90 days and re-dispute? Should I redispute now on the accuracy of the content? and if so do I point out what
  11. I have read conflicting answers on the site and would like to get a fresh perspective on this. I filed for CH7 in July 04 discharged Nov 04. I have two judgements on my CR one from 2000 and one from May 04. I would like to get these removed from my CRs' Do I file a Motion to Vacate with the corresponding courts granting the default judgements? If so do I list the BK as my reason? Is there anyone who could help with the wording and what I should include in this motion. I understand I should also include with the motion copies of my bk paperwork listing the OC.
  12. Jim/Shane, I agree with your statements. It was a bank that turned me down! I provided them with my divorce decree, stating the ex waz suppose to refi in 90 days, she hadnt. I provided my quit claim deed showing I did this prior to their filing foreclosure proceedings, I even provided court papers dismissing me from the foreclosure proceedings and court papers charging my ex for willful contempt, where she was charged jail time and fined. I provided an explaination of extenuating circumstances for my bk as being both a divorce and unemployment for 1 year prior to my filing. I am disputing t
  13. That answered my question in a round-about way You are confirming what I believe to be hurting my score as I have a few accounts IIB that are closed in 06. but you do raise another question. if an account is IIB can they show late payments prior to the bk? I thought they could not show any neg info on an account IIB. See my thoughts are if my bk was discharged in NOV 04 then I should have no neg remarks or dates on those accounts after that date, making that my last deliquency/derogatory date. Thanks for your answers!!