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  1. Who does Ford Credit us as a primary Fico Score? Any One know? Thanks?
  2. I agree Experian is the worst! of the 3, but there all evil!!!!
  3. EXPERIAN IS THE MOST EVIL OF THE BIG 3! Lets all start Sueing them a lot!
  4. I don’t know if there is any information in the forum about this, if there is I can’t seem to find it. Anyway…. On 6-27-06 I Pulled my FAKO score with TC, and it was 581 on 6-28-06 I pulled it again and it was 566! Why? The only thing I can think of its because I disputed several items both online and by fax. And from what I can see nothing has changed in the report. ( And yes I updated the report). So what would cause such a big fall? Unless Experian does something to do make them fall because you disputed. And mostly what I disputed were inquiries done by an old girl fried behind my back and am trying to use Violation of under FCRA, 609(a)(3)(A)(ii) . Or is it that True Credit and the Fako scores are just that far off sometimes. The other scores from other CA’s did not change TU= 639 and EQ= 645. Any Ideas anyone?
  5. What scores seem to be higher with most people? FICO or FAKO? When pulled?
  6. ANY OTHER NEW NUMBERS OR CONTACTS FOR 2006? ( Grin) Or any new ways to harass these evil people?
  7. Which Scores tend to be more accurate? FICO or FAKO? And how close are they for most people?