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  1. Who does Ford Credit us as a primary Fico Score? Any One know? Thanks?
  2. I agree Experian is the worst! of the 3, but there all evil!!!!
  3. EXPERIAN IS THE MOST EVIL OF THE BIG 3! Lets all start Sueing them a lot!
  4. I don’t know if there is any information in the forum about this, if there is I can’t seem to find it. Anyway…. On 6-27-06 I Pulled my FAKO score with TC, and it was 581 on 6-28-06 I pulled it again and it was 566! Why? The only thing I can think of its because I disputed several items both online and by fax. And from what I can see nothing has changed in the report. ( And yes I updated the report). So what would cause such a big fall? Unless Experian does something to do make them fall because you disputed. And mostly what I disputed were inquiries done by an old girl fried behind my back an
  5. What scores seem to be higher with most people? FICO or FAKO? When pulled?
  6. ANY OTHER NEW NUMBERS OR CONTACTS FOR 2006? ( Grin) Or any new ways to harass these evil people?
  7. Which Scores tend to be more accurate? FICO or FAKO? And how close are they for most people?