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  1. My BIl and his wife found a house. they contacted a mortgage lender and got approved. It's a stated income loan with only my BIL on the paper. It states is monthly income is more then what he makes a month. I thik they used his wifes income as well. anyway the lender sent him the papers to sign and he did and sent them back. now they want to get out of this because it seems that this is fraud. What do or can they do to get out of this contract.
  2. In the letters I sent to them it states they can not sell or give to any other Collection agency or law firm. I both letters sent back to me they both agreed to my letter. Which stated the deletes from all Credit reporting agencies, not selling or giving to another collection agency, or law firm . My agreement with them was if they agreed to my request and deleted the items etc, that I would not seek damages. In my letters it stated that their violations could cost them up to $1000 for each one and the debt they clamed I owed to them was lower. I also stated in my letter that I was not agre
  3. Just wanted to tell everyone that the letters I sent to the collection scums that placed Medical info on my credit reports are working. I've had two of the scums delete all of their their info off of all 3 credit reports. Both sent me letters stating the deletes. Just wanted to give everyone my good news.
  4. I just wanted to thank everyone for such great info on this site. I've been reading everthing on here and trying everything I read. And guess what It's working. I just got my new FICO scores Tranunions EQ EX 11/06 494 463 545 2/07 547 519 570 I know to some these scores are still low but hey they are getting better and it's all because of you guys. Thanks I did post for some input on a few letters I plan to send out. I didn't hear back from anyone so I sent them. I hope they work. Thanks again !! I love this site.
  5. I Just wrote a rough draft letter to a collection agency that is showing on my credit reports as an installment account. Please give me some input on my letter. To whom it may concern, I'm writing to you in regards to violations your company LVNV funding as placed on my credit reports with Transunion, equifax, an experian. You are in violation of the Fair Credit reporting Act. You are listing collection accounts as installment accounts. This is a violation and for each violation I can be awarded up to $1000.00. Please delete these accounts from my credit reports. If these are not deleted I wil
  6. Okay I just put together a letter to the collection agency that has placed medical info on my CR's. I checked all three reports plus myfico and the information is on all of them . Please someone give me some input on my letter I just check my credit reports and realized Central States Recovery had placed Medical information on my credit reports. This is a violation of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (Facta) Medical information and credit reports. Consumer reporting agencies may not report the name, address, or telephone number of any medical creditor unless the informat
  7. Hello to everyone. I just wanted to know if anyone knows how I should deal with a collection agency that has placed the name of clinics and hospitals on my reports. They have also places a mental health center on my report from where I took my son a few years ago. I stopped paying on my account there do to the fact they said he didn't have a probleem after I had him tested. I sent him to another place and they tested him and said for sure he had a problem, and we planned a treatment for him. When the new place transfered his records from the old place , the old place contacted me and requested
  8. Does anyone have a letter they have used to state this violation to the OC . I haven't recieved anything from a OC but for 3 months they have been placing negs on my credit reports. Help if you can