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  1. Carolina - you'll have to add an Esq. after your name first!
  2. Pay something on your CapOne now! If you are maxed to the limit, once they send your statement out, finance charges will hit (and any other thing they can think of). You'll then get hit with an over credit limit charge.
  3. SOL would apply but they've already gotten a judgment because the OP was never served.
  4. You can admit the debt is yours. That would be damaging.
  5. Was it a no asset BK? If it was then the debt would have been discharged, regardless of whether it was listed or not.
  6. When you do an on-line dispute with Experian you will get all the info.
  7. Maybe he has sued people on old debts and they just never showed up and/or didn't use the SOL as a defense - so that is why he seemed so confident. He is trying to collect a debt - his approach may be to act very polite and confident (as opposed to the rude, obnoxious collectors who seem to get the press). Stick to your guns and don't be intimidated. P.S. Is there any way you can get your AG's office to put something in writing to you? If so, don't let the other side know until you go to court (if you go to court).
  8. Lisa - I saw that last night on 2-1/2 Men! I was cracking up!
  9. Upallnight - remember that when figuring the value of your assets, you're talking about quick, garage sale type prices. Your car might not be worth as much as you think based on that. Don't go by the blue book prices - what would it get you if you put a for sale sign on it in your driveway with a "Best Offer"
  10. If the sol has run, that's all you have to say. That's your defense. You don't need to deny (by doing so it would prove you're a liar). Just make sure you bring paperwork showing your state's SOL laws since not all judges know what they're doing...
  11. Lisa - they usually send you a "welcome" e-mail if you're accepted. Check your spam mail - that's where mine ended up! Or you can call and they usually can tell you. Good luck!
  12. My TU score has always been the highest also. EQ is kind of close to it and then EX is the worst.
  13. Can you go down to your Registry of Deeds? They will have all the info if anyone has filed a lien on your house. If they are on there, you might be able to petition to remove, but it might take a while. It's really not too hard to place a lien on someone's property, but if it is not signed by a judge then it shouldn't be too difficult to remove. But, check it out and see what the liens say. There is the possibility that they've got the wrong person.
  14. Keep on Applied. If it's been a while then they really can't prove it and will delete. They did for someone I've been helping and I also noticed someone on here also got them deleted.
  15. Good for you Skyfox! I guess that beats my $25 Best Buy gift card!