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  1. One of my BK creditors still shows a balance owed even though the CH13 plan was completed and discharged. I contested it and it is still there. I called them and they said they can show a balance owed because they weren't paid in full. This can't be right. Any case law or specifics on how to convince them?
  2. I filed CH 13 in May 2002 and completed plan in Oct 2005 (discharged). Some OC correctly show "Wage Earner Plan" Others show "Included in BK" which is not correct (I didn't file CH 7). Is this more of a negative on my credit score than "Wage Earner Plan" Some also show "Charge Off". Is this also more negative? I've written to CRAs, some fix it, other's haven't yet. Now what?
  3. When I paid mine, it took a few weeks for the discharge. The trustee usually deals with all the payoffs once/month with the court. Call the trustee. Once discharged, start rebuilding credit. Get a secured credit card or two and pay them regularly. And get your credit reports and make sure they are accurate.
  4. I filed CH13 in may 2002 and completed plan (discharged) sep 2005. Some OCs still report CO instead of CH13 on my CR. Called them, they say it's legal.