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  1. I Can't Speak For Anyone Else But I Never Saw One Time On This Board/boards Regarding Sifxpert Anywhere That He Ever Solicited Any Charge For His Services. When We First Found This Board And Saw Sifxpert Was Highly Knowledgeable And Helping Others, We Also Requested His Help And He Gave It To Us With Out Charge Or Any Solicitation And Helped Us Get Our Money Back From A Debt Settlement Co. That Did (nonthing For Us) But Took Our Money (he Did Not Charge Us For That Help (period) . As Of Now We Are (still With Sifxpert) And To This Day We Are Very Happy And Content With His Services And We High
  2. hi i feel for you, read my post i placed 100% happy with my turn around . Copy and paste this into your browser to find my post of the help i have recvd. edited for spam
  3. Well you are most welcomed sifxpert ! you are the best and wished We found you long time ago, have a great week . sincerely forumfind !!!!
  4. After all I went through and searching for the best help and solution viewing the posts here, I was drawn to the member sixpert posts. I highly recommend sixpert, because before having any knowledge of him I made the mistake of signing up with a debt settlement co. that did nothing they said they were going to do, but took all of our money several hundreds of dollars and would not give it back when we canceled. Sixpert helped me to get it back, he also gave us a new way to do what needs to be done with our debts to settle them and to be in control of our money with no worries. He has always