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  1. I have two collection accounts that have been on my reports, one has already fallen off, and one will fall off in April 2012. I have to pay them for employment purposes (security clearance). They total approximately $140 together. Once they are paid, the reporting period does not begain again, correct?
  2. I tried to settle and the attorney wouldn't. I ended up having to pay it b/c it can affect my employment. I couldn't wait for the legal process or hire a lawyer with a pending offer for a new job.
  3. Does that matter? The judgment was awarded in a different state than I live in. Doesn't the court go by that state's law?
  4. I have a judgment against me, and a garnishment. I contacted the OC agreed to take the payment and have a release sent to the garnishee. They said they would work with me to resolve action taken by legal means. Can they request the judgment be vacated? They have since referred me to their lawyer and he said I have to pay $500 more than what the judgment is for. (Court costs, interest, etc.) The lawyer said he couldn't revoke/vacate/rescind the judgment. (Not sure of the legal term, here). They are in Arkansas.
  5. I heard back from the bank and they referred me to their attorney. I guess they backed out, but I have in writing that they would accept the money and rescind all legal action. Now what?
  6. They can still obtain a judgment which will ruin your credit, and they can garnish your wages.
  7. Have you tried contacting the OC to pay them and request to pay them directly and have them rescind the legal action? I just did that and am awaiting the amount from the OC.
  8. Background: I recently found out I had an old debt after a default judgment had already been awarded, and a writ of garnishment was sent to my parents house and my payroll dept. I called the OC (a bank) and spoke to the VP. He asked me to email him all the documents I had on the case and he would research it. He did, and emailed me statements and signature cards from the bank. I am pretty sure the debt is past the SOL, but the debt is mine and I have the money to pay it. Plus, if I wanted that to be my defense, I would have to go through court, which I don't have the money to do as that includes traveling to a different state. Question: The VP agreed (in writing) to rescind the legal action taken once payment is received. Does anyone have experience in dealing with an OC in a situation like this? I am not sure if they will expect me to pay what the bank says I owe, or the amount the lawyer said I owed (including court costs, lawyer fees, etc.). Does anyone have experience in a sutation like this? I am still waiting to hear back from the VP on the amount as he was out of the office yesterday.
  9. So, I called the bank who apparently is suing me and they have no record of anything I owe. And, they looked me up by SSN not by name so I should have come up. A few questions: 1) Can someone other than me request the case file in person? 2) Can I request to vacate the judgement via mail or phone?
  10. Thanks for the replies. They sent the judgement paperwork with the writ of garishment. Apparently, it was awarded three years ago. I live in another state and driving/flying there is out of the question financially right now. They mailed it to my parents address in May and I just received it two days ago because my parents didn't forward it. So, my 30 days have passed to "send my answer" as the paperwork says. I have not lived in that state for five years, so any debt that I do have is that old which means the SOL has passed. And, now they are trying to collect? I checked my CR and there is no judgement and no inquiry from this lawyer. The judgement paperwork has a case file number. Can I do any of this over the phone?
  11. I received a writ of garnishment today that was sent to my parents house in May 2010. I have no idea what the debt is for. I had two loans with the bank they say I owe and they were paid off and are in good standing on my CR. What can I do? ETA: I have not seen a garnishment yet.
  12. Thanks for the information, that will certainly help. I also found some old posts that will help with what is legally required by the CRAs.
  13. I sent all my documentation to TU and EX to have fraudulent accounts removed. I included the credit report with all accounts highlighted, a copy of the police report, FTC ID Theft Affidavit and a copy of my DL. This was their response: "We have received the Identity Theft Report / Court Order you recently sent to TU. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept this documentation. However, TU will contact the source of the disputed information to advise them of your dispute. We will ask them to verify the accuracy of the reported information. When the investigation is completed, you will receive the results of the investigation by mail." I am confused. Aren't they required BY LAW to remove the information with the documentation that I provided them?
  14. I received a letter from a collection agency regarding a co-pay that should have been paid by my insurance company. I have been round and round with this Urgent Care Center, so I have already tried calling them and having them re-submit the bill. This happened in January and it didn't get straightened up until May and then I had to take my son in for another visit in June and here we are again, only they sent me straight to collections. Anyway, my question is, when sending the letter to the CA, do I just dispute it or do I tell them why I dispute it? Is that giving them too much info?
  15. I got a copy of my FICO scores in the mail yesterday and although my scores were higher than I thought they would be, one of the reason they aren't higher is because I have derogatory information. I should have been working to get rid of it, but I've had some personal issues to deal with and my mind hasn't been focused on credit repair. So, will getting the negative information raise or lower my score? I know eventually it will raise the score, but it also gets rid of years of history...
  16. I got a small $100 GLI on my Macy's card. I asked them why only $100 and they said it's due to "other outside credit". I was just approved for a mortgage and another Macy's visa (joint account) with a $1700 limit and the Visa has a $6000 limit. My FICO scores are in the high 600's and one is in the low 700's. WTF?
  17. Well, I'll be damned. They need to change their website then!
  18. That's correct. Who is eligible? Membership is open to: Active-duty officers and enlisted personnel. Children whose eligible parents have or had a USAA auto or property insurance product. National Guard and Selected Reserve officers and enlisted personnel. Officer candidates in commissioning programs (Academy, ROTC, OCS/OTS). Former military personnel: Retired officers and enlisted personnel. Former officers and enlisted personnel who separated from the military on or after Jan. 1, 1996. Former USAA members who had USAA auto or property insurance. https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_utils/McStaticPages?key=become_member_eligibility&wa_ref=pub_subglobal_eligibility
  19. I thought that lenders wouldn't accept credit reports from the consumer? I thought they would only run their "own" report.
  20. How many pre-approvals shoud I get before deciding on a lender?
  21. I just had one, a car loan, but I paid it off. It shows as derogatory anyway from two 30 day late payments from 2007 anyway. I am going to try GW letters to get that removed so it will be a good tradeline for me.
  22. Because I have read on here before that low credit limits actually hurt your score. That is why I am asking.
  23. I have three cards: Orchard Bank Secured $200 CL, Macy's $400 CL and Macy's Visa $1700 CL (Joint Account). What would be the best for my credit? The Orchard bank card is the oldest. Would closing it hurt or help me? Or neither? My Macy's account ($400) I haven't requested a CLI since I have had it, so I suppose I could do that. Any suggestions? The joint account is brand new.
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