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  1. A few years back my husband had a vehicle in his name and we couldn't make the payments anymore. Avoiding the inevitable, we returned the vehicle before they came to get it. It shows as "paying or paid as agreed", but still shows us as late. I am afraid if we even try to get the late removed, they will see us as ungrateful. We knew the owner of the dealership personally. I feel this could have gone a lot worse... What would you do in this situation?
  2. If you try to settle your debts, can you do it in payments? Before I even begin, I need to know. I don't have the money to pay in lump sums. Should I even try a PFD with payments? Anyone have experience and/or advice?
  3. I pulled new reports yesterday (with the exception of EQ) and I have a LOT more negatives than I showed a few months ago! I don't even know where to begin. I know all of these are mine...except one. I KNOW I cancelled the account, but I have nothing in writing. So, it didn't really happen. UGH. Now what??? I am beginning to feel VERY overwhelmed and hopeless. Maybe I should just wait 7 years to do anything...LOL BTW, if I add more positive credit history (i.e. piggyback with my mom's CC), will that raise my score at all? Thanks!
  4. I have been reading for so long that I am up to my eyeballs in Credit Repair. I apologize in advance if any of this is redundant (it probably is...lol) A lot of negatives on my report I think are accurate. I am not entirely sure, so I am disputing with the CA anyway. I have a negative that was included in my BK in 2001, but doesn't show on EX. Since it is past the SOL, can I have that removed? It says "Account closed at credit grantor's request". I also have one card that says included in BK that wasn't. I have read not to provide copies of BK papers, so how do I prove this and get it removed? Can you remove late payments from closed accounts?
  5. I understand the basics of piggybacking, but have one question. If a friend or family member adds you as an authorized user on their account, does the creditor check your credit?
  6. I have heard/seen/read different advice about disputes. Can/should you dispute more than one item at the same time? Or is it safer to dispute one at a time? That seems safer, but more costly. Advice?
  7. Does multiple listings for names/addresses/phone numbers hurt your score, even if they were correct at one time? Should they stay or should it be only your current info? Thanks! LOLAH
  8. Has anyone ever dealt with Primary Financial? After doing some reading, I found out they violated the law by calling my Parent's house. I'm not sure where they got the number but the lady I spoke with told me she got my number from my parents. Anyway, she offered me a settlement, but I couldn't do it. Is it too late? Can I request another one?
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