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  1. That's awesome. Several deletions is a victory for anyone. Keep up the good work.
  2. Talking about W&A. I have a quick question. They pulled my credit report July and Nov 2006. Now, this is what is strange. They pulled it for a hospital I worked for in 2000 because it had my SSN. I called that hospital and they pulled the account and yep you guessed it, not mine. My son was seen there a year prior and they had my SSN for his account. My son is over 18 but he says he did not give my SSN in fact he could not have because he does not know it. I can only figure they put my SSN with his account because I was the guarantor previously dating back a few years prior. I wrote a lett
  3. Speaking of target. I applied to get mine upgraded to the visa. I have the target card started at $200 in June 06. CLI $500 in August 06. Low balance and always pay in full. Well they turned me down for the visa. The funny thing is I was approved for a visa Rewards (5,000) and MC Rewards (5000) from my credit union (NFCU) with a 610 EQ and a CH 7 BK. Any suggestion on whether I should try for recon for the target visa to one of the higher ups dllceo
  4. I burned Cap One, Orchard Bank, Merrick bank in bankruptcy in 10-05 D/X 1-06 and non of these companies have taken me back. Even the beloved Hooters MC. dllceo
  5. Thanks for the informative post DWfan. Yep, like I said I've never had any of those dept stores. I had a citibank credit card and I was an authorized user way back in 1990 which was paid off thru consumer credit counseling agency but that's all I can think of. Anyways I just ordered all three of my reports and I will study them to see if there are any incorrect accounts on there. dll
  6. In a previous post I applied for the Macy's card. Well, I was denied "stating "previously delinquent with our firm". Never had macy's/any dept store cards. Any idea what other companies/stores fall under department stores national bank as issuer of the macy's card?
  7. Don't know what my EX scores are yet. I'll find out before my next post though. I never had a Macy's account either. When I appplied on line I used my First Premier mastercard as a reference which is reporting as R1 open. The message said it needed more time so I guess Macys is evaluating my application. dll
  8. Can you get the Macy's credit card after BK7 was discharded 1-31-06. Thanks dll