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  1. Thanks Chincheck! That is what I will do! I did contact an attorney today and hopefully will get some options. I will keep this updated....and post what I learn.
  2. Another Question... PLEASE SOMEONE- is it true just becuase I have been served with court papers (sued) that I do not have any DV rights????
  3. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. The debt is not out of SOL. The debt was sold(?) or assigned(?) from First USA bank to Unifund in Ohio. June 23rd. Received first notice from lawyer. I believe they overshadowed. "Please be advised that Unifund CCR has acquired all of the interest in the above referenced account outstading against you. Please be further advised that demand is hereby made for the amount referenced above. Please be further advised that if payment or arrangement for payment is not made within 15 days of the date hereof we will have no alternative but to bring appropriate legal actio
  4. Researching if Unifund ( can sue me in my state of Nebraska. Unifund does not hold any license or bond in Ohio, their base. It is not required in Ohio. Ohio Collection Agency Laws Following is some important information on Ohio debt collection laws including: Ohio Collection Agency Requirements. INTEREST RATE Legal: 10% Judgment: 10% COLLECTION AGENCY BOND & LICENSE Bond: No License: No Fee: No Nebraska Collection Agency Laws Following is some important information
  5. I got this chunk of info. from Nebraska Legal Accessline Advice "Judgment Proof. What that means is that if a creditor were to sue you for a debt, there is nothing that is garnishable. If income is exempt from garnishment such as SSDI, Unemployment, etc, advise caller not to commingle. If multiple sources of income, advise caller not to commingle. You do not have equity in your home that is over $12,500.00. You do not have any savings, IRA's or 401(K)'s that can be garnished. You do not have equity in your vehicle over $2,400.00. At this point, there is nothing that a creditor can atte
  6. I love this forum..I have learned so much the last 12 hours! I have just learned that the lawyer has "overshadowed" in his letter to me. The first paragrph he demands payment arrangements made within 15 days or they will bring legal action. The second and last paragraph contains the 1692g notice along with the statement, " we may proceed with suit against you without waiting the 30 days, if so requested by our client." Is overshadowing illegal wordage? In my DV to them...should I acknowledge their overshadowing of their letter? Does anyone have a favorite DV format they would like to share w
  7. Okay- I know I should, if I could, pay off my credit card debts. I have three companies that I owe. They are heading toward being three years old...and I know I owe them. One creditor has engaged a lawyer in my area- so I know I am heading to court. I would imagine the other two will soon follow. I now live in Nebraska (4 yr sol). My husband and I bought a house 10 months ago. I quite working three years ago. I have no income. The cars are not in my name. My bank account is usually under 50 dollars. BUT-My name is now on the title of our new home. I had consulted a lawyer before I moved f