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  1. Just a quick update...rec'd an email that my Target statement was ready for viewing...logged in and my CL was increased to $500!!! Yeah for me!! :BigDance:
  2. I went to Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) in August. Stayed at the Paradise Beach Club & Resort Casino. Despite the fact that the next day there was a hurricane it was absolutely beautiful!! We had a room right on the beach with an oceanview. Its an all-inclusive resort (drinks too) and there is a lot of things to do. Booked it through Expedia, they had the best prices. Can't wait to go back in May!!
  3. "Didnt I ask you not to squeeze the Charmin?"
  4. TWO tickets, 2 bottles of H2O and a large popcorn (with butter) to share...folks, I live in Connecticut, 1/3 of the $50 was probably TAXES!!
  5. lisajt66

    weight loss refill have the pharmacy cut them in half...when I took it i had 37.5mg and took half in the morning and half about 1:00...after about a week could then tolerate the effects...dont take too late in the day
  6. Saw it last night...was kinda disappointed...could have saved $50 and bought a black market copy for $3.00 at the flea market (and still would have wasted $$)
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    weight loss

    If he's delivering I'm IN!!!:wink:
  8. :twothumbsup: lovebug...thats fantastic...I bet you cant wait to pull your next scores!!!
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    weight loss

    Another FAV...Columbo Light Yogurt (any flavor) with a cup of Fiber One cereal mixed in...about 160 calories...delicious...and it almost tastes like a pie with a graham cracker crust!!
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    weight loss

    Green Giant Simply Steam Baby Vegetable Medley...only 40 calories per serving (2 servings in the box)...throw it in the microwave at work (on a 12 hour shift,32 patients, in between the 9AM, 1PM and 5PM med passes, 2 treatment rounds, 24 Medicare charts, etc.)...sometimes its all you have time for!! (and its actually fabulous)!!
  11. You may not be an addict...but you are HOT!!
  12. merkufan...similar situation here in CT...ex involved in a 3 car accident, last car in registered in my name, first 2 vehicles sued me (despite the fact that #2 had already hit #1), license suspended pending payment of damage to car #1 and #2...In CT license can also be suspended for failure to pay child support
  13. I agree!! Almost all my spare time is spent here reading (I said almost)as I find it fascinating! I love to keep up on everyones progress (lovebug your awesome, you go girl!! and I think I've fallen for Amerikaners credit repair prowess, he is soo HOT)!! I think I need to get a life!!
  14. Thanks rmiller, I'll try that tomorrow!!
  15. lovebug, the CA is IC Systems. I dont think they are a JDB. From what I understood from the woman at the OC when we agreed to the PFD the CA was "assigned", (not that she would have told me the debt was sold)! wtc, the OC was never on my reports. I think I will take your advice and DV them. In addition to what you said above should I mention that the monies owed that they were trying to collect on was paid to the OC? The way it looks on my reports is that I paid in full to the CA.
  16. OK...a little background...I had an outstanding bill for $110.00 that I PFD with the OC in October 2006. I have signed papers from them agreeing to delete and inform any and all CAs they assigned to delete. I have a CA on all 3 CRAs regarding this account that continues to update as "paid after placed for collection" which makes it look like I paid them!!...I have tried to send the OC letters to have them correct this but apparently they are now out of business. I know we should never send the CRAs any paperwork but I'm thinking maybe I should send them the signed PFD that I paid the OC and not this CA. Any ideas??
  17. I started out reading your posts when you 1st joined because I just love your I read everything you post because you've come a LONG way lovebug!!
  18. Pulp Fiction... How about... "Simple Simon-a$$ motherf@ckers !!"