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  1. Thanks for the help guys. I had been reading up on the 623 dispute method and it would appear I'm a prime candidate as most of these accounts are at the very least 18 months since the last pay date. Slightly off topic but does anyone use a good 3 in 1 credit service with score for say 30 or cheaper each month? I remember a few years ago when I first looked into this before giving up I had a service where I could update my credit report every day from all 3 CRAs. Is this still around? If so any recommendations?
  2. How did it end up going if you don't mind me asking? Did you get things removed only for these new CAs to show up or were they already listed on your report? Did you ever in your personal credit repair get a charge off, off your record?
  3. Thank you so much for your help. To clarify your previous comments regarding disputing certain tradelines and waking people up. I have one former Chase chargeoff that has been sold (about 4K owed) to a JDB. Its about 2 years in right now, I live in VA with a 3 year SOL. I'm expecting before that year ends to be sued for that but no activity yet. My question is, if I was to attempt to use any kind of dispute or goodwill letter to Chase to have their original tradeline removed will the new owner owner of the debt be notified etc where it would be more likely they sue?
  4. One thing I haven't been able to grasp regarding the chargeback is the OC's current role. If they have sold off the account and its listed on the report as being sold to a JDB or what have you can I negotiate anything at all with the OC at this point?
  5. So I've just started the whole idea of credit repair. Upon getting my 3 CRs as expected I have 4 charge offs on my credit reports. I've been reading up on here and I've noticed in most cases it seems you have to wait the 7 years for the charge offs to drop off. However, I've been reading about the 623 dispute method and apparently how the past month or so Chase Bank has been very into forgiving previous debts. Anyhow my question is do I have a realistic shot of getting unpaid charge offs off my report thru disputing? If not what other options do I have besides just waiting 3 to 5 more years for all to fall off. Also, I think most of these have been sold to a CA at this point if not all. Thank you
  6. Actually already settled with both. 25% for city and 30% for Chase so thankfully I got below 50%.
  7. You guys likely saw my post the other day about my plans to settle my remaining two credit card accounts. Anyhow, before I even had the chance to call in and see what Citi would do for me an offer came in the mail today which is about 75% forgiveness. I had a balance of about 5900 and they have offered me a settlement of 1,400 even. I have to call in to accept this settlement. This is a great settlement in my opinion and I'm not going to tempt by fate and try to get better. I write today asking what should I do/request of them to make sure all of my bases are covered in the future. Do I need them to send me an official agreement of the settlement on paper before I pay? I heard there is a new law saying you have to settle these accounts within 3 months if accepting payments, is that true? Just wondering as I know years ago when my wife settled an account in 6 month payments.
  8. Sorry for coming back to this thread so late but left the board after I got the help last June. For the record we settled before court and I agreed to a payment plan which I'll finish up paying off this July. Despite being a JDB which in theory I hate, Jormandy was/is actually pretty easy to work with and willing to work with you.
  9. I have two accounts currently that I am trying to settle by myself. I stopped paying these accounts on December 1st so we are basically getting into what I'm told is prime settlement time. The first account is a Chase Credit Card account that I believe is currently at 4,500 or so (slightly more maybe say 4,700 is possible). I was a member of Chase which generally paid on time since 2004. The second account is a Citicard account which last statement I got was 5,879. The statement by the way is asking for payment in pull but they haven't sent me a letter saying pay us in full by May 1st or else yet. I also was a member with Citicard since 2004 with a fairly good history. Anyhow, I have gotten settlement offers in the mail for both (none in a few months for citi) but both were very high, I'd say it was 70% of the balance. I realize this isn't last year when banks were looking to settle for what they could get basically but I'm looking settle far closer to 30 or 40% than 70 or 80. In not paying these over the past 4 months and gaining new employment, I've built up a decent bit of money to settle. Should I call directly in and talk with them on the phone regarding this? I've read on the board where some people seem to write while others seem to call. Being that I'm now 5 months or so beyond when do I need to settle this to make sure they do not sue? Is 30% a realistic number to expect to settle that or is that a thing of the past now that banks have regained their footing? Also, is there any chance of getting the banks to settle off the original number the debt was at 5 months ago without all the penalties added on? Really any help anyone can add here would be great. I've been reading up a ton here the past few days and hope to start a dialogue with the two companies sometime in the next week. Just want to be prepared to do it.
  10. With the trial being tomorrow, I'm looking to attack their lack of chain of ownership papers. So far all they submitted thru discovery was the print out from the Global Debt Registry which I don't think will stand. Is it likely they had more they were holding back for trial? Can they just enter evidence like that? If they enter new evidence is there any chance I can move for a continuance based on it being entered in?
  11. What type of proof is typically needed for a JDB to prove they own the account they say they do? In this case all that has been placed into evidence is the printout from the Global Debt Registry which I plan to challenge and an affidavit from an office manager from the JDB stating they bought the account which I also plan to challenge. Are those documents enough to prove ownership? I realize its probably different with each judge in each jurisdiction but is there any rule of thumb of what a JDB needs to prove ownership?
  12. In this particular Debt Jormandy LLC (An Assignees of Chase Bank USA) is how its listed.) In the actual claims JOrmandy claims to own the debt and provides a print out from the Global Debt Registry as their "proof".
  13. Sorry guys was out and about tonight, I'm back let me answer the questions asked here. First off stark, yes it is in bold on their letter to Clerk of Court, and myself with the intergorties "THIS COMPANY IS A DEBT COLLECTOR. WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE". They label themselves as an assignees of Chase Bank USA. Would that a violation as you are speaking of? Also, whats up with on all their court documents them posting the wrong date of the upcoming trial? There is also an affidavit signed by the manager of the JDB stating they bought the alleged account and are now owed the money. Can I strike that as hearsay if the actual person stating this isn't in the court room?
  14. Anti, I misunderstood you then, yes I did offer you advice and will continue to do so if you need it. However, surely you can see where somebody would be a bit suspicious if somebody named Anti Jormandy pops up right after I post about Jormandy and then later asks for whatever is being sent to me to be forwarded to you. And if you just have a pretrail on Monday there is nothing to be frustrated about. Just go in say its not your debt and have a trial date set likely much later in the summer.
  15. I never once asked you for advice and as you stated I did not respond to your PM. As I previously stated, I have no clue if you are with Jormandy or not and really don't care if you are. However, if you are I'm not exactly eager to have anything that may or not maybe used in a case straight to you. I mean no disrespect to you. If you are being 100% truthful and do have a trial coming up Monday with Jormandy best of luck and message me after next Fridays case of mine and I'll give you any advice you want.
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