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  1. Received a letter from CMI collecting for Comcast today. They will be deleting the account from my CR due to the fact that the proof of varification they sent to me prior was falsified, "hand written". When they sent me proof of the bill, it clearly stated remaining balance $0. They had no choice but to delete and apologize.
  2. I did have an account with Comcast in 2002 & 2003 but as far as I remember I paid the bill in full when I turned in the cable box. I dont have a copy of a paid receipt, its been three years. Also on my credit report it states that the first date of delinquency was 8/2001. I didn't have Comcast cable in 2002. They apparently dont have very good records and want me to pay twice. I am still looking for that paid receipt,,,,Grrrrrr I didint realize this would haunt me years later.
  3. This site is the best. I have read and learned so much. I have send DV letters to collection agencies and they have removed from my credit report. You guys are the best. My question is that I sent a DV letter to CMI group, collecting for Comcast and they sent me copies of bills that show a balance of $0 and someone clearly hand wrote on the final bill next to the zero balance "bill $138 to collection agency". This is not proof being that the balance shows $0. How should I proceed from this point?
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