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  1. My Score is now above 650, where should it be before I start looking to get approved for a morgage
  2. Ok now that I finally taken care of getting my payments out of deferrment and started paying on them faithfully for the past 4months, what can i do to improve my credit and is there any breaks they will give me far as taxes or cutting out some of the payments
  3. how do I get my fico score or a score that combines the big 3 together which gives me one overall rating?
  4. what must my credit scores be before I consider applying for a credit car or what must they be before creditors consider giving me a loan?
  5. Last question then I won't bother anyone, whats the best way to get the other burueas to remove something that one already couldn't verify and removed. Do i have one Bureau contact the other or do i write the other bureaus myself.
  6. Ok If I have accounts that are closed with a zero balance and status says current, do I still want that on my credit report or can I get those removed since its no longer doing anything for me?
  7. Is there a montly fee I can pay to obtain a credit report at anytime by the 3 bureaus, I know i can get my own but if I'm helping others how can i pull their credit report other than anually.
  8. I'm also trying to decide if I'm trying to to repair and rebuild my credit do I apply for any credit cards and if so which ones. I currently have none. Whats the difference between secured and unsecured cards and which ones do i want to get?
  9. If I discover that its costing me more money to certify letters should i just pay the little accounts and have them satisfied and then work on having them removed. I have a small $32 balance and a $96 balance will that still improve my report. One even agreed to have credit bureaus delete it.
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