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  1. I just called USAA and they stated that they will not do a PFD on accounts.....now what do I do????
  2. I am going FHA now, but can go conventional if I get them removed, plus my score will jump too, which will put me in a better interest rate too. I have disputed as obsolete and they come back verified.
  3. yeah waiting is not the real option, any idea on what I should offer for accounts out of SOL that are about to drop off in 3 months??? 10%...more or less??
  4. yes I am out of SOL on both, they drop in just a couple months, but I am closing on my mortgage asap. It would save me some money to get them off now. PFD would be very low I would guess....since it is take what little I offer now, or get nothing in 3 months.
  5. I am getting a mortgage and TU and EX both show zero baddies. My EQ shows 2 collections that are scheduled to drop in 3 months. One is for USAA for $6500 and another from Pinnacle for ~$1800. I need these gone asap to get a better mortgage rate. What is the best way to handle this at this point??
  6. who are you guys getting refinanced through? and with what kind of scores?
  7. You shouldnt have any problems getting financed at the dealership, but try WFS financial and your local credit union first. My credit is worse than yours and I was unable to get financed by the online websites like capital one, WFS, etc.....but got financed through them through the dealership.
  8. How long after your purchase did it take to show up on your credit report?
  9. well....I got approved with WFS for 13.75% for 72 mo. I guess that is ok for my credit on a new car.
  10. I am in the market for a new car and with the scores listed in my sig I have received a 14.4% on a 2004 with 22k miles. I am now looking at a 2006 and want to know if anyone near my same scores, the interest rate they received.
  11. got a return email with my account info....$1500 CL...now on to buy a cheapo $50 ring just so I can show some activity for CR's
  12. the saga continues.....went back last night for the car we really wanted and got approved for $19k at 15%!! I checked my credit reports today and my new hOOters mastercard shows up and boosts my scores on all 3 awesome!!. Anyone know if the scores in my sig will make a difference enough for me to reapply for the financing in hopes to get better results?
  13. Weirdest thing.....I applied to crown jewelers and never heard anything from them, and after reading more info, I do not have a land line for my home phone and figured that disqualified me. I received in my email today an email for that $50 off $300 purchase from CJ. I sent them a request for my account # and will wait and see.
  14. what was the amount on the second loan? That is the company that approved me. I went to their website on my own and applied and waiting to see what happens.
  15. I called carmax on a whim today and got approved for a $13k car at 15%.....Not sure what total amount I can get financed for because they make you select a car before submitting financing. Found the real car I want at about $19k. I am heading over there later tonight to see it in person and will see if I can get approved then, Wish me luck!
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