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  1. Yes I understand that. How many CA's are picking numbers of a spreadsheet and manually punching them on the phone when they own this technology? I'm not from Wisconsin, I'm from Georgia. I've won two TCPA cases in this state so I know a little bit. If I decide to file a suit pro se, I will certainly research more. But for the time being, considering the circumstances with the MDL class action against the CA that is harassing me, there is not much I can do at this moment. I've already contacted the attorney that is handling the class action for my state and I'm waiting to see if he thin
  2. More information on manually CA's manually dialing calls:
  3. No voicemails at all. You might be interested in reading this.
  4. More info:
  5. More info:
  6. In my name and he answered at least two that I am know. I talked to them one of the occasions. But I just found out that there is a MDL Class action against them and that any individual filings with FDCPA or TCPA violations are going to get wrapped into this one. The thing is finding out if my particular case meets the class action criteria. I just joined pacer and wasted a bunch of money viewing the wrong docs. However in this case, an intent to sue may be the best case scenario. At this point, what does anyone have to lose? Can I even do that? I talked to the paralegal of the att
  7. Are you aware of the existing MDL Class Action against PRA? I wonder if we will automatically be included?
  8. I didn't think this was mentioned anywhere here.... I'm so terrible at understanding some of the verbiage
  9. Hi BTO429, I'm in the same boat as you are/were. Same company calling my cellphone over and over. They called my son's cell phone once and got me on the phone and I told them that this was his cell, that they can't call it, were never given permission and that they were violating the TCPA. She collector told they weren't violating the TCPA because they were not using an auto dialer. So what IS the final verdict on this? If you never gave express consent (in my case, it was impossible, I didn't have a cellphone, let alone this number at the time I contracted with the OC) is it still a
  10. First off, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I have a zombie debt, not on any CR and I've gotten over 25 calls to my cell phone and at least 5 calls to my son's cell phone from the JDB. On one instance that they called my son's cell phone, he gave it to me and I told them they were calling my son's cell phone, which permission was never given, and that was a violation of the TCPA. The idiot on the other end stated that she was not violating the TCPA because she was was not using an auto dialer. They have not left any voicemails at all. The fact is that they skipped traced to get my cell number and m
  11. Thanks ya'll! @Torden - You make a good point with this that I had not thought about "In cases where no action by you means you would not be sued, then I don't see how actions that show you would be costly to sue would increase that chance." If I send a letter CMRR stating that I dispute the debt and it is sent outside of the window of the 30 dunning letter, they don't have to validate correct? But if they don't and they try to sue, then I do have an instant FDCPA violation. So I guess there are advantages and disadvantages to laying low and standing up for your rights. One of his cre
  12. I guess so on the congrats. All of the companies that I sued put me through literal hell with phone harassment so I didn't feel bad about suing them. The second suit, we settled for $12,000 and that was mostly TCPA violations.
  13. Thanks for responding. I know that there is no way to know if they will sue but a lot of people might start credit repair before they think to look at the SOL for their state. I just wanted some expert opinions on whether this should be a factor in deciding when and how to repair your credit and if it is, shouldn't that be at the top of the list of instructions for people that are new to this? If you don't think so that is fine. Again, I'm only asking. BTW, I did find where someone posted that you should check the SOL in your states, somewhere in one of the newbie primer threads *I thi
  14. Things I've learned.... When sending a DV letter, all you need to write is "I dispute this debt." This is from two different attorneys that I used and of course they are right! No need to complicate the simple! I sued two different CAs and won; one was for FDCPA violations and the other was for FDCPA and TCPA violations. My attorney just filed my third lawsuit and we are working on a class action for my fourth. I always add this in my DV letters and in all correspondence: If you have this phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx on file, please be advised that this is a cell phone number and any pre
  15. It's been a while since I attempted to repair anyone's credit; I started with mine and then did some for friends and now I'm starting on my fiance's. After pulling all of his reports and reviewing them and asking questions, it dawned on me that starting the credit repair process might also invite a lawsuit from creditors and collection agencies. For instance, if you DV a creditor or a collection agency on an account that is still within the statue of limitations according to the laws of your state, might you invite them to sue you? I'm in GA where new case law has set CC debt and auto loans