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  1. I think that in PA the judgment has to be "renewed" every 5 years or it is unenforceable. I had a judgment a long time ago that I did not pay, and when I bought a house it was on my CR, but was six years old and I was told that it had not been "renewed" and was not a factor in getting a mortgage or closing. I never dis pay it, and it is no longer on my CR. PS: I am not sure that "renewed" is the actual term. Brian
  2. Have had a Target Red card for three years now. Have all three CR above 700. Still sitting at a $200 limit. Have PIF, charged up, charged down, paid some, paid all, paid early, paid more than due, etc... Still sitting at $200. Called Target several times and have always been told that a CLI is not happening -- never had an AR, or soft pull. I give up. Am canceling and moving on. A $200 card really messes with your ratio and is not worth it. See ya.
  3. I received this email yesterday from TC, whom I recently cancled. Is this something new? Or am I just confused ??? I thought that the CB did not 'furnish' informtion, but mearly reported it? Or are they (TC) just trying to confuse me or entice me back? ___________________________________________________________________ Dear Brian, Per recent regulations, credit bureaus are now required to report any account as "included in bankruptcy" if they have a status of discharged in existing public records of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Previously, only creditors were required to report this information. If you have a credit card, loan or collection account that was never reported as "included in bankruptcy" and was discharged through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a credit alert may be sent updating it to "included in bankruptcy." Due to the age of these records, they may not trigger an alert. However, you should be aware that any possible alert would not indicate recent activity on that account. You may experience a slight change in your credit score if any of your accounts are updated due to a bankruptcy. The more recent the bankruptcy, the more of an impact it might make on your credit score. Any update would be made by September 1, 2008. We are committed to providing our Credit Monitoring members with the highest level of service. Should you have any questions, our Customer Service Team is available seven days a week to assist you. For contact information and hours of service, visit https://www.truecredit.com/contact.jsp?mn=1618. Sincerely, TrueCredit -------------------------------------------------------------- TrueCredit Manage your credit. Manage your life.(SM) --------------------------------------------------------------
  4. When I filed my BK7, my Lawyer made it very clear that he billed in 15 min increments, and that any communications with him, including emails would be charged the minimum 15 min, and go up from there. He did not charge for the time I spent with the Paralegal in setting up Schedule F, etc., as that was part of the BK "Fee". He only charged for his time. Brian
  5. That is what my BK lawyer said ... all open debt, even $0 balance debt, is considered an "Open Line Of Credit" and active debt, so it got included.
  6. Filed a BK7 in Feb 2005. Needed and bought a new car in June 2005 through HSBC with an interest rate of 21.3% ... sky high I know, but as I was just out of BK it seemed like a good deal and I needed a car for work (with a warranty!). Have been trying to refi for a while, but the LTV ratio and the offered interest rates never made it worthwhile. Best refi rate I was ever offered was through Cap1 Auto Finance, but the payment would have gone down a whopping $35 a month and would have further had a neg effect on my LTV. Well, my wife suggested we call USAA. We have had a small savings account with them for a few years, and we had recently switched our Homeowners Insurance to them, although we do all our banking with a big-box bank (for now). Long story short - called and spoke to a CSR who took the application. Was on hold for about 45 seconds while the underwriter got involved, and was approved for a full refi at ..... drum roll please .... 6.17% !!! That’s right ... Six point One-Seven! Needless to say HSBC is now paid in full. I am one happy CIC camper! USAA Rocks!!!! Brian BTW: Pulled EXP - 691.
  7. I had three open zero (-$0-) balance cards when I filed my BK7. All three reported IIB and were cancelled within three months of the BK discharge. After 2.5 years, and multiple letters, etc., they remain as IIB with a zero balance. They were NOT inlcuded in Schedule F as there was no balance.
  8. Thanks ... this all gets a bit confusing sometimes!
  9. My understanding was that if you sent any payment, in any amount, that the action of sending the payment reset the DOFD, as well as the SOL to the most recent payment date. If you sent the 'token' payment, then resetting the DOFD would have been the correct response from the creditor. Is this right?
  10. And they also will do a AR on your personal credit as well.
  11. My mortgage (Countrywide) only allowed 50% of the vested portion of my 401(K) as reserves. The broker said that Fed law only allowed 50% to be taken out in the form of a 'loan', therefore only 50% of the vested portion was eligible.
  12. I just applied for WaMu a few weeks ago and got approved with a 2K credit line. The card was here about 5 days after approval. Went on the Web site and applied. Had a BK-7 in 05, but have been very good credit wise since then. They pulled TU, which was 687 at the time.
  13. Where did you get your info? I just bought a car and a majority of my Inq were on TU.
  14. You know, I really don't have a problem with TU fixing this "Bug" in their system, as they are following the FCRA, which does require inquiries to be recorded and reported as part of your credit profile .... But how come they can't fix the errors on the reporting side?!? Like my duplicate accounts, unknown phone numbers, missing account information, incorrect names, etc.! Seems like it is more important for TU to make sure your inquiries are not getting bumped than it is to properly investigate errors and omissions. I am sure that their customers (creditors) were complaining that they were not getting "accurate" information because of this bug and demanded it be fixed.
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