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  1. Thanks so much. Im gonna tell her what you all have said. See if she can get it, It should be ready because they are wanting to close early so why wouldnt they have it.
  2. Sorry for my delayed response. I just got out of ICU...apparently my dentist hasn't heard of a new medicine called Antibiotics when pulling an infected tooth. I spoke to her and she sent me all she had via email, she asked for the HUD closing statement to which noone provided it to her. She emailed several people that she knew was dealing with this. The realtor said he knew of no such thing, asks like hes a newbie to this house selling thing. I think he taking her for a ride. I did see in the original contract the seller was to pay closing but then the added an addedum indicating she was to pay them.
  3. From what I understand, she has a realtor that is handling it all. but I will double check.She is sending me what she has by email, so I will read over it and see what I can find out. Thanks for the info thus far.
  4. So basically, your saying she's being overcharged? And it doesnt matter that the seller is a bank in relation to who typically pays most of these costs, correct? So what she should do is get that copy of the HUD closing statement tomorrow. If she has already signed a contract and agreed to pay all these fees herself, is she SOL?
  5. She said she dont think she has the HUD closing statement. The bank that owns it is Caldwell Bank. Part of the money she is short and needs a loan for is where she is a little short on funds for the money for the house. This is what she told me she knows: House $40k The DOC fees (not sure what this is) and closing costs one is $1800 and the other is $2200 Shes not sure which is which. Its a Hold Harmless (whatever that means) she is going to email me whatever info she has and I will post what info you need if she has it. Do those fees make more sense?
  6. Im posting this for my mother. I will give some background so maybe that will help. She is trying to buy her very first home, she is widowed and on disability. She has a 16 yr old as well. Im working on cleaning up her credit. Her transunion score shows 609. She has 4 bad items on her credit, 3 of which are paid judgements that wont come off for another 5 years. One I am in the process of disputing. Her monthly payments showing on her credit report are $222, balances owed are less than $5k. She has a bankruptcy from a few years back. She is supposed to go to closing on May 17th for a home she is buying in FL. We live in VA. She is paying cash for the home, the house sold for $40k. The home was a bank repo, being sold as is. The problem she is having is that she did not anticipate the closing costs being so much. She needs another roughly $7k. She is in the process of trying to sell things to help. However, as the date approaches she is concerned she wont have the money needed. Its $50 per day extra if she postpones the closing. She is thinking she may need to get a loan for the remainder of the closing costs. What advice would you give to her? Since this is her first time buying, we are not sure if there are other avenues we are not aware of. I dont think the bank will pay any of the closing costs from what her realtor has said. Do you think its even possible for her to get some kind of loan for this? Thanks Michele
  7. Need some guidance on a garnishment summons we received. It is for my husband. They already got the $1.84 we had in the bank account. But today we received the official paperwork. They intend on garnishing my husbands wages. This is an OC, Lendmark. We owe it, we defaulted on the loan about a year ago. We worked out other payments (for 3 months) with them a year ago. We tried keeping up on the payments and would send what we could. Some months we were paid up others we could only send 60% of the monthly payment. They recieved a judgement a year ago atleast. We worked out payments then. Regardless, I know we owe and I dont dispute that. But we can't afford to have his check garnished. We aren't even scraping by as it is and a garnishment will leave us unable to even pay rent. He is the only one working right now and his hours have been cut lately to only 30 hours a week. Is there a way to stop this? To get a lesser amount taken out? I have already contacted them and they are not willing to make arrangements with us. I have tried researching the VA laws and the vacating a judgement but its all jibberish to me. Thanks
  8. Trust me. We have other debt other than the loan. So the regular bills and our debt takes it all. I have been on the Dave Ramsey kick the past few months at this point our budget to pay the bills doesnt even include groceries and we are still negative each month. Nothing to sell as we have done that, borrowed against our 401k and have nothing left to sell but two kids. lol Thanks for the links!
  9. The loan is for $2500 that we just got in April to pay for a medical procedure. Given changes at my husbands job, we now have too much debt vs income. Unfortunately, we are going to a lawyer in a week to file for a chapter 7 as we dont see another alternative.
  10. I am wondering if I can send some kind of letter to a current creditor that we have to ask them to stop calling my husbands work. This is a loan we have taken out and are two payments behind on. We cant work out a deal with them. Since they are the OC and a current creditor, I didnt know if I can send them a letter to ask them to stop calling period or to just stop calling his work. Thanks
  11. They have never been on his credit report that is why I never heard of this one before. I will keep checking to see if they try to put it on his credit report. So if they don't put it on his credit report then I don't have a reason to sue? Or I can sue them b/c of the letter they sent in response to my DV regardless if they put it on his report or not?
  12. Oh Thank you! I am not up to date on all of the DV laws b/c normally it doesnt get this far. Most of the time I dv it via the CB's and its removed. I would love to sue these jerks! So now I am gonna research to figure out what I need to do. Thanks for all the replies.
  13. Thanks for the fast reply! I did send a DV that is how they got my address to send me that reply. LOL This is what I sent to them before I got their letter. Was my letter sufficient? Do I need to send a more detailed letter? "In accordance with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and any and all applicable VA laws, I am hereby disputing this alleged debt and demand validation of same. Additionally, please send all future correspondence to the address referenced in this letter, as I / we do not consent to phone contact with your company now or in the future. We reserve the right to record any calls to our home."
  14. Recently, we got a call out of the blue from a CA about some alleged card that my DH was said to have somewhere in the 90's. I have never seen this on his credit and I have been working on this for about 3 yrs now. He says the OC is not his atleast he has no recollection of it and to date anythign I have mentioned to him he can tell me the who, when and what. It is a credit card with a bank of Omaha. The CA that has some posts when I googled them about them trying to rip ppl off and saying ppl owe a debt when they don't. From what I have read. So I am a bit concerned. I sent them the DV letter and told them to stop calling us. They verified on the phone with me that the SOL was up, but that it was still his debt he owed. This is for almost $8k. I get a letter back from them today that says they placed the acct with their Dispute Dept for investigation when they received my DV. "To date, we have not received information from you to support your position. We will hold your account in the Disputes Dept for investigatioin for a period of 30 days from the date of this letter. In that interim period we will update our trade line with the Credit Bureaus to reflect the account as disputed. If we do not recieve informatin from you within 30 days, we will terminate the disputes investigation pertainting to this account and our company will no longer treat this account as disputed." WTH? Are they telling ME that I have to provide proof that its not our debt? There was nothing to back this up. What are they saying they are now going to report this to the CB's? What do I do? Thanks!
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