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  1. Please read the bolded part below.. What does this mean? The Respondent would be a disbarred attorney here Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 13Rules of the Supreme Court of VirginiaPROCEDURE FOR DISCIPLINING, SUSPENDING AND DISBARRING ATTORNEYS 13-29 DUTIES OF DISBARRED OR SUSPENDEDRESPONDENTAfter a Suspension against a Respondent is imposed byeither a Summary or Memorandum Order and no stay ofthe Suspension has been granted by this Court, or after aRevocation against a Respondent is imposed by either aSummary Order or Memorandum Order, that Respondentshall forthwith give notice, by certified mail, of his or herRevocation or Suspension to all clients for whom he or sheis currently handling matters and to all opposing Attorneysand the presiding Judges in pending litigation. TheRespondent shall also make appropriate arrangements forthe disposition of matters then in his or her care inconformity with the wishes of his or her clients.The Respondent shall give such notice within 14 days of theeffective date of the Revocation or Suspension, and makesuch arrangements as are required herein within 45 days ofthe effective date of the Revocation or Suspension. TheRespondent shall also furnish proof to the Bar within 60days of the effective date of the Revocation or Suspensionthat such notices have been timely given and sucharrangements made for the disposition of matters. TheBoard shall decide all issues concerning the adequacy ofthe notice and arrangements required herein, and theBoard may impose a sanction of Revocation or additionalSuspension for failure to comply with the requirements of this subparagraph 13-29
  2. So, with the suggestion of a C&D in this case, the OP just lives with the TL on his reports? OP, what is it that you want to accomplish and how far are you truly willing to go to get it?
  3. Is the account reporting on your credit reports?
  4. Raysway

    Checking In!!

    Hey, Lyle. How are things?
  5. Before I decided to sue Midland, I filed a BBB complaint against them. The BBB would not move on the complaint until I signed this: I imagine the OP had to do the same.
  6. Typically, a release is required to be signed by the consumer allowing the BBB to discuss said consumer's case with Midland.
  7. How do you figure that? Curious.
  8. I am thinking that you're starting to over-think it a bit. There's nothing wrong with your letter, as has been previously stated, it's just that it has much more wording than is necessary. No credible judge is going to ask you, "CafeChamelion, did you make any attempts to inform the defense attorneys that this debt was SOL?" If they're going to blow-off your C&D, they're going to do it whether your letter is one sentence or ten pages. This topic is debated here a lot...which I love, personally.
  9. I don't find it misleading that a CA would report the account under its own account number. Actually, I think reporting a duplication of the OC's account number would be more misleading/confusing. Just my opinion.
  10. Personally, I'm all for it. I do realize, though, that it's not everyone's goal.
  11. Send them a clear, unambiguous cease and desist letter sent CMRRR. They can, of course, ignore you're directive and continue collection efforts, but there's little they can legally do and crossing that line could be lucrative for you. Send the C & D and focus on getting your house. That process is enough to deal with.